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A Christmas Cantata at Clark

“Let Earth Receive Her King”
A Christmas Cantata at Clark

by PRIDE Newsdesk

We are now into the Christmas season and during this time there are many different celebrations, events and activities that share the birth of the baby Jesus and all that the season encompasses.

The Christmas Cantata, “Let Earth Receive Her King,” will be presented at Clark Memorial United Methodist Church, 1014 14th Avenue N. on Sunday, December 16th during the 10 am worship celebration.

A cantata can be prepared for a church service or sometimes for a secular experience.  As the story of Jesus is a spiritual event, cantatas are often incorporated into the worship service.

A cantata is a vocal narrative composition that is of instrumental accompaniment with several movements to include solos, chorus and orchestra.  During the Christmas season, there are a variety of Christmas Cantata presentations that tell the story about the nativity of Jesus.

“This Cantata was chosen because of two things, “First, it is tells the story of the greatest gift mankind has ever known, or will ever know,” said, Music Director, Paula Y. Holmes.  “Secondly, this particular Cantata offers the opportunity for the congregation to sing with the choir so that all would be sharing,” she added.

The songs in this particular cantata are tell the story through a variety of older selections with the same meanings, yet different words.  The combined choirs at Clark, known as “The Voices of Clark,” and chosen narrators came together to prepare for a great ministry presentation on this day.

“I look forward to the end result of all cantatas, however, this one is particularly interesting because it challenges the choir in a different way.  I am always interested in seeing how it all seems to come together from some backgrounds here and narration there and a couple of rehearsals with a soloist, instruments only and sometimes practicing with only the song parts in separate rooms.  But, when it all comes together…!”

“Let Earth Receive Her King” will be presented by The Voices of Clark under the leadership of Music Director Paula Y. Holmes, during the morning worship service at 10:00 a.m.  Sunday school will be in session at 8:45 a.m. and the Rev. Dr. Herbert L. Lester will give the morning’s message.

For more information call 615-329-4464.  Rev. Dr. Herbert Lester is the senior pastor.

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