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Clemmons hosts summer kickoff, debuts first ad

by PRIDE Newsdesk

John Ray Clemmons

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This past Wednesday, John Ray Clemmons, candidate for mayor of Nashville, hosted a sold-out summer kickoff event at Adele’s restaurant, where he also debuted his first campaign ad.

Entitled ‘Our Future Starts Now,’ this is an introductory ad featuring his family and discussing the need for fresh leadership in Nashville. Visit <johnrayclemmons.com/media> to watch the video.

“Nashville remains a city of hope and opportunity, but a lack of vision in the mayor’s office is costing our families and our neighborhoods too much. A strategic plan and an equitable vision for our city’s growth that respects its neighborhoods and protects Nashville’s character is long overdue,” said Clemmons.

“After listening to thousands of residents across Nashville over the last four months, it’s clear that Nashville cannot wait any longer for stability and leadership,” said Deputy Campaign Manager Kara Turrentine. “John Ray Clemmons has a vision for the future of Nashville that includes all of us. On August 1, we have an opportunity to elect a proven leader who is committed to shaping our city through the lens of equity, opportunity, and justice for all.”

Regarding the current state of Nashville’s neighborhoods, Clemmons believes that we can build a better path forward.

“Too many families are being left behind, and the biggest challenges facing our neighborhoods are being ignored. It’s time for change,” said Clemmons. “The families who call Nashville home deserve a mayor who will make the tough decisions necessary to move our city forward by prioritizing public education, affordable housing, traffic, and infrastructure. I have a vision for the future of our city, not just for what it could be, but accountability for what our city should be. Our future starts now.”

John Ray Clemmons is a state representative for House District 55 who is challenging David Briley in the August 1 mayoral election. The campaign hosted a listening session focused on making Nashville a more affordable place to live for all residents on May 16 at the Nashville Farmers’ Market. It was entitled ‘At the Table: A Community Dinner & Discussion on Affordability in our City’ and included a conversation with participants encouraged to share their stories on how Nashville’s growth has affected them.

For more information, visit <johnrayclemmons.com/events>.

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