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Healing for the whole body: introduction

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Much has been said about healing in the Bible. Many people today, including Christians, know very little about the healing power of God’s word. In Psalm 107:20, God said: “He sent His Word and it healed them.”

Just like salvation, healing is a gift from God. There are many scripture references in the Bible on administering healing to the body. I will include some scriptures that can be used to administer healing to the whole body.

As you read the series of articles, there will be two words that are mentioned frequently throughout my writings. They are the word ‘believe’ and the word ‘receive.’ These two words are very important words for you to focus upon, as you read and study the information presented weekly.

My purpose for writing about healing is:
1) To give honor and glory to God. I want to thank God for what He has done in my life and is still doing in me and through me

2) I want you to become aware that you can change your circumstances by what you think, by what you say and by what you believe.

3) Believe that with God all things are possible.

4) Don’t doubt but believe. Always use positive words when you are getting rid of all negative words. Don’t hang around negative people.

5) Meditate constantly on God’s word and get to know who God is.

6) Believe in Jesus and in His power to heal your body of sickness.

7) Believe that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

8) Believe that Jesus heals all sickness/disease and addictions.

9) Believe that healing is available to everyone through Jesus.

10) Believe that Jesus bore all your sickness in His Body on the cross.

I would like to challenge all pastors, teachers or spiritual leaders that are not teaching about the ‘healing power of the word of God’ to include it in your curriculum. The articles will include healing confessions and some Bible scriptures that can be used to rid the body of sickness. Many individuals are perishing for lack of knowledge. I’m sure you may know of someone who is in need of healing or who is suffering from some ailment or medical condition.

As you read these articles, think and ponder the information. Look up reference scriptures that are included. Study them and see how they relate to your ailment. I pray that your knowledge will grow about God and His healing power that is available to all. If you have a medical condition, please read the series of articles that will appear weekly in this paper. I pray that very soon you will see with your own eyes what you have been believing God for and that you will experience His healing power in your whole body (spirit and soul inclusive).

Note: Scripture quotes will be from the King James Bible, The New International Version or as otherwise noted.

(B. Bethel is a breast cancer survivor. She attributes her success at beating the disease through the use of all the tools God has given man to help heal people. Prayer and scripture along with the care she received from her physicians were and continue to be an important part to her recovery.)

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