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The church’s complicity with the government

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

How many times have we been told that there is a separation of state and church? It is the focal point of discussion in many heated debates, but it all comes down to trusting the reality that encompasses your space. Believe what you must, but can you divorce your moral values, integrity or spiritual convictions from your personal involvement in decisions that affect you politically, socially, or economically.

Regardless of what we are told, our formal upbringing, experiences, and exposure to our environment dictate our beliefs and interactions with our world. Our exposure to a structured and traditional taught religion is commonplace in our society. It is conceived by many as a universal way of controlling people, keeping them in check, demanding willing submission and adherence to the sacred rules of human conduct under the guidance of a divine Creator who oversees us all. There is the promise of eternal salvation and happiness to those who whole-heartedly and willfully adhere to the practices of their religion.

To think that politics would be devoid of our spiritual influences is total nonsense. But in all honesty, it would be blatantly viewed as abusive and dictatorial if a dominant religion group forced or legally enacted their views and practices on other spiritual groups against the other groups’ religious doctrines or dogma. Some would argue that as it stands today, many of our existing laws are spiritually influenced but supported by the majority.

We do have freedom of religion protected by the Constitution. Our individual experiences and socialization in this world follow us throughout our lives. One thing we all share is an inherent capacity to recognize right from wrong, especially as we evolve from our formative years to adulthood. This desire to serve humanity is universal—regardless of man’s attempts to dilute and control the basic concept of spirituality by introducing different religions, which all too often work against each other.

While society or the mass media may attempt to guide you on how and what to think, we all maintain an uncompromising sense of what we know is right or wrong. It is our individual right to choose. We are politically being told and conditioned to follow man’s rules and devised way of conducting our lives whether right or wrong. We are made to feel that man’s laws (however corrupt or misguided) should override our spiritual laws. Many of us find ourselves in a conundrum, especially when we find so many man-made laws contradicting our spiritual laws. We are being led to believe that it is part of our religious indoctrination to conform without question.

Historically, true God-led and appointed churches have been in the forefront of bringing to the attention of the world man’s iniquities and crimes against humanity. Some churches have always led their congregations to be cognizant of manmade attempts for control, power, and self-idolatry to advance their own worldly causes.

Many of the Black churches were the stalwarts or beacons for followers to rally to in hopes of fighting for human rights and the war against immorality, inhumane treatment, inequality, and racism. It would make sense that your moral convictions would play a vital or monumental factor in your social, political, or economic decisions. But we are being told when it is convenient that there is a separation of state from the church. You cannot legislate morality, but how can you honestly separate morality when making decisions that are supposed to be in the best interests for all the people?

Of course, a dominant church or religion should not be in a position to dictate or demand that everyone (regardless of one’s chosen religion) follow their specific mandates or otherwise seek dire ramifications. But there are spiritual universal truths that, if followed, would promote harmony and humanitarian love—dismantling man’s attempt to control power and abuse.

The devil is a liar. That is how our government was able to get a foothold in our churches under the guise of faith-based initiatives. Common sense dictates that churches that are participants under government-funded faith-based programs adhere to their purposed guidelines (good or bad) or suffer dire financial consequences. Some see these churches acting as no more than puppets being controlled and manipulated by government financial strings, restricting participating churches’ ability to speak out against governmental malfeasance or abuse.

Feeding on people’s suffering and degradation can be cruel and inhumane, especially when you are controlling and dangling enticements in front of them. How can some churches in impoverished communities with insurmountable needs not bite at this contentious attempt some see as a means to control and silence them. We are referring to communities that otherwise would be exercising organized civil disobedience in the streets against what they feel is corrupt government policies or practices? Could this be a pivotal factor in why so many churches remain silent in addressing the moral corruption and ever-deteriorating downward spiral present in today’s political arena? Are churches being compromised to act as agents to keep the masses in check by what some see as a nefarious and self-serving government?

I know I am not alone, but I long for the time when churches didn’t hesitate to speak out against social injustices and God trumped man. I thank God for not allowing me to drink the tainted water found in so many of our churches led by false leaders (pimps). I wish more people could find a God led church that truly teaches them to be a practicing Christian or just a good loving, caring individual. True Christians practice improving the conditions of their fellow brothers and sisters and some may even call it being political. God loves the unadulterated truth.

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