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When will insulting the America public stop?

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Once again, the country is stupefied over the recent suicide death of Jeffrey Epstein—an American financier, billionaire and convicted sex offender. At the time of his death, overwhelming evidence confiscated and numerous alleged victims were pointing to his involvement in the illegal, salacious and licentious activities of sex trafficking. It seemed evident that he was looking at a significant amount of time behinds bars if found guilty. But even more daunting was the number of high profile powerful individuals he could have exposed that were complicit with him in his sex trafficking activities.

Is it surprising he’d be found dead under such suspicious circumstances when there were probably notable, high-profile co-conspirators holding their breaths concerning his final outcome? Were they wishing he would conveniently disappear? This scenario is nothing short of what you find in a bestselling book or high suspense dramatic movie.

Few if any people are lamenting his death when considering the seriousness of his nefarious acts of sex trafficking, especially of sexually abusing and molesting young under-aged girls. One can only assume that because of his wealth and connections, he was able to escape imprisonment for as long as he did. This only goes to support the assumption by many that rich and powerful people have the resources propelling them over the arms of the law. They are afforded opportunities to get away with many felonious acts that the average American would not.

Our judicial system is undeniably flawed and needs to be overhauled, but too many of those who are supposed to be representing the American people seem reluctant to propose or enact legislation to bring about a ‘house cleaning.’ Our three branches of government are inundated with politicians (Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, alike) who are inebriated with amenities and offers from big businesses or PACs compromising their allegiance and support for the constituents they are supposed to represent.

The tentacles of corruption are found in every aspect of our three branches of government and there doesn’t seem to be a rush to correct many of the wrongs that seem obvious. In fact, the reality is that there seems to be more loopholes in documents, policies, operations, and legislation supporting criminal behavior or malfeasance in the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government.

From time to time, there is a public outcry and media attention is focused on bringing about major reform in the three branches of government—a cry for reform that seems to eventually fade, favoring the offenders or abusers in these three government branches.

The average hard-working, law-abiding citizens of this country are the losers, watching this mockery of everything they feel morally right and sacred circumvented and abused. Our refusal or inability to correct these wrongs within our government have played a profound factor in helping fuel the racial tension that is dividing our country.

Cover-ups, deception, outright lies, overt racism, malfeasance, political propaganda, and unyielding party loyalty are corrosive agents eating away at the very core of our government. The saddest and most insulting part of this display of hypocrisy and deception is the perception that the average American is so gullible, blind and ignorant that they don’t really recognize the self-serving games subjected upon them by some public servants. It’s highly insulting.

The latest saga concerning the suicide of Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan federal jail (he should have been under suicide watch) is going to be interesting. We will see firsthand how manipulative some of those involved in the investigation will be. You can be sure the public’s credulity will be tested.

Forgive the average American adult for having a brain, but common sense dictates a major cover-up is going to try to protect some high profile celebrities, businessmen, or politicians (possible the president) complicit in Epstein‘s endeavors. And insulting the intelligence of Americans isn’t going away any time soon. The big question is: “When is the public going to adamantly demand major governmental reform, especially as it relates to integrity and honesty in the three branches of the government?”

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