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P.U.S.H (Persist Until Something Happens)

Expressions of Faith
P.U.S.H (Persist Until Something Happens)

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Min. Kristen Bishop

Sometimes we wonder if what we are going through is ever going to end. Despite our situation, we must continue to press and push until something happens to change our circumstances. How do we push? We must grow in the area of persistence. Persistence means to continue firmly or resolutely in an opinion or course despite the difficulty, opposition, or failure—to continue to exist despite interference. Sometimes, we may want to give up. That is a normal emotion or feeling. Yet when we face what seems to be an insurmountable circumstance, we must know that He has already granted us the victory.

\We must also understand God wants us to be hardened and strengthened by the difficulties we face. Moreover, we must be fully persuaded and believe that He is fully capable to perform what He promised. You cannot give up on the promise and change your focus to the circumstances. Also, we should not be a hindrance to things progressing in our lives. We can do this by lack of faith and speaking against what He has promised to do on our behalf. If you are not fully persuaded, you can let the hindrances distract you from receiving and walking in what He has for you.

Philippians 3: 13-16 clearly explains how we must let the hindrances and things of the past go so we can move forward and receive what He has for us. We cannot be complacent with where we are. There is a greater anointing He has for us, and we must walk in it. Expansion is taking place in the supernatural realm.

Furthermore, He is expanding and causing us to accelerate exponentially in the Kingdom. Therefore, we must press forward. We are in the season of evidence and manifestation. We cannot miss it. We may have missed it before, but we cannot miss it this time. That is why we must stay in His presence and continue to press on. You must also have the mindset of remaining in the Spirit and the supernatural. Our focus must be on the things of the Spirit and not of this world. Colossians 3:1-3; 10 reminds us to set our affections on things above—not on things on the earth. We cannot forget who we are and whose we are. We must mortify our fleshly ways and desires. We must continue to transform ourselves and be persistent with it. We must realize our bodies are made of His precious Holy Spirit. His Spirit dwells within us. We are not alone, and we can conquer any difficulty.

Furthermore, as our minds are transformed, we should desire to be closer to Him. We must increase our desire for intimacy with Him. It must be a daily requirement. Psalms 27: 4 states that our focus must be to dwell in the secret place with Him. Seek His face! As you study and grow in the word of God press for the release of finances, healing, deliverance, and breakthrough in your life. There are no limits in God. Do not be complacent about it. Press for your destiny. You cannot have any more stillbirths, abortions, or miscarriages as it relates to your destiny. It must be birthed and come forth. You must birth and release what He has for you. If you do not push, the spiritual baby will die. Indeed, when we press and push into the presence of God, our release will come. That is when we will receive our healing, breakthrough, and deliverance. So keep pressing!

(Min. Kristen Bishop an associate minister of Celebration Christian Center, Inc., Celebration Christian Center is located at 1215 9th Ave. N., Nashville, Tenn. 37208. For more information, call 615-613-7757, or visit www.celebrationchristian.online.)

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