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Common sense may not be so common

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Who hasn’t heard (whether as a child or an adult) to exercise ‘common sense’ some time in their lives? We are talking about a thought process provoking action that is generally predicated on one’s knowledge or intelligence. Common sense is also associated with doing the right thing.

Generally speaking, common sense can be compared to one’s sensibility in knowing what is right or wrong. Common sense can be considered an inherent part of all of us, guiding us to do what we naturally know is right. We know there are some universal basic truths that are unequivocally right and beyond debate or manipulation—open to common sense.

The beauty is that we all possess the ability to utilize or at least acknowledge what is considered to be common sense. But unfortunately, during this Donald Trump Era, common sense seems to have been thrown out the window or abandoned by many people. Common sense is a diminishing asset that too many people, for whatever reasons, are refusing to utilize—even when the obvious is undeniable.

Rationalize if you must, but common sense dictates what you see and hear in the actions of a person and usually paints a realistic picture of that person. Common sense tells us that we cannot effectively expect our children to value truth, pursue justice and practice morality when we, as adults, don’t adhere to these virtues. Common sense undeniably tells us when someone is abusing their power of authority for personal gain; I someone is a racist; is a narcissist; or is totally apathetic to feeling for of people of color. In this era of Trump, common sense is literally begging to be acknowledged and appropriate action taken.

Common sense tells us when a person is conspiring with foreign, anti-American entities and jeopardizing the security of the United States of America. Common sense tells us when a person lacks morals and compassion for his fellow man.  Common sense tells us when a person is using his power to spread hate and division among the public. Common sense should dictate when a person isn’t fit to hold the highest office in the world.

As it stands, you will find some people who will rationalize and try to defend the actions of our president, choosing to ignore common sense. The truly sad part of this ever-occurring scenario concerns the elected officials who are loyal to the president and their political party. They are treasonous to what is evidently in the best interests of our country.

Common sense should prevail, regardless of one’s political party affiliation. Common sense should dictate if someone remains in office. If by the person’s actions, he or she has manifested acts of malfeasance, shown signs of mental instability and is incapable of telling the truth, it is time to remove this person from office. While common sense is a valuable and trustworthy asset, disregarding its usage can only bring about chaos and discord.  Common sense is invaluable and is there whether you choose to use it or not.

Some would surmise that the death or lack of adhering to common sense is the beginning of the disintegration of what is supposed to be a civilized nation. Those seeking to suppress or manipulate a people seek to stifle or cloud the masses’ ability to utilize common sense. Robots programmed to follow orders only result.

Dismissing common sense sets us up for accepting lies without argument, the proliferation of hate, unfavorable mass manipulation, and the miss-education of the masses. Common sense is an invaluable and commendable ally that we as human beings, cannot allow to dismiss. Common sense can be our rallying force for good as well as a formidable tool in combating a world spiraling toward self-annihilation. Let’s rally to resurrect common sense.

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