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Congressional investigation hearings on impeachment, disheartening

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Congressional investigative hearings on deciding whether President Trump should be impeached have proven to be an embarrassment for those in this country dedicated to the pursuit of truth and justice. The biggest contributors to this onslaught to derail and deceive the public from the truth have basically been Republicans on the investigating committee, displaying an undying loyalty to Trump.

The lack of respect by a handful of Republicans presiding in the investigation toward many of those subpoenaed was evident in their attempts to degrade the job performance and integrity of certain targeted witnesses being questioned. The theatrical attacks by some Republicans on the investigating committee were made more cynical when those being questioned had honorable reputations and numerous accolades and praise from peers in their perspective jobs serving the United States government. However, many of these witnesses were intimidated, degraded, harassed and unduly interrogated by several of those on the Congressional Investigation Committee.

The American public watching these proceedings should be outraged and indignant at the circus like spectacle some of the Republicans have manifested in their effort to exonerate the president—regardless of the obvious evidence. It is unnecessary to call out the names of those on the impeachment investigating committee participating in rude and disrespectful tirades if you have been watching and trust your own eyes and ears.

It is quite evident that some of the officials serving on the committee, supposedly representing our country, think the American public is quite gullible or just downright stupid. They talk loud in outrageous outbursts, avoid the real issues, and try to discredit the witnesses in an attempt to mislead them, and refuse to adhere to concrete rules. These are the uncovered shysters we have representing us in Congress. We should be appalled and demand more from our appointed and elected officials.

During these hearings, it is apparent that the truth is irrelevant to most of those so adamant in supporting the president. Indisputable loyalty to the president seems to make some of his followers oblivious and unconcerned with the truth. It is no secret that many of those on the investigative impeachment committee had their minds made up before the hearings even began. They appear immune to whatever is uncovered during the investigation.

The relevant issue (despite the numerous smokescreens) is whether the president participated in an impeachable act as stated or defined by the Constitution. Abuse of executive power for personal gain and obstruction of Congress in hiding the truth constitutes impeachment (removal from office). Those in Congress, regardless of their political affiliation, would be doing this country a grave injustice not to have acted on these allegations against any standing president. Regardless of the shenanigans of some of those on the Congressional Investigating Impeachment Committee, most of the nation saw indisputable testimonies proving impeachable actions by the president. And yet, you still find leading Republicans trying to argue and convince the public that Trump’s actions may have be inappropriate and wrong—but not criminal or impeachable.

Let’s not fall for the smokescreens and diversions presented during these hearings. How can one ignore the president’s abuse of power and obstruction of justice? These are impeachable acts warranting his removal from office. Honestly, putting political affiliation aside, one cannot deduct but one conclusion if you are honest: He is guilty, guilty, guilty!

It is so ironic that we, as citizens, are taught to abide by the law or endure the consequences for our actions; however, some officials in our three branches of government don’t feel it should apply to presidents or other public officials. Does the loyalty of our elected officials to the president supersede their loyalty to country?

These hearings have opened many eyes to the dysfunctional and inadequate operation of the three branches of our government. That should warrant some much needed changes, especially in what we should require and demand from our elected officials. We have been told how our country should operate. Was this a sham?

Impervious loyalty to a political party, being indifferent to what may be in the best interests of the country—these are possibly the biggest detriments leading to a divided country. It shouldn’t matter what political party the president belongs to when determining his competency and behavior in running this country.

You would think every decent and respectable person would be adamant about removing an individual who has manifested the despicable behaviors shown by this president. One who proposes to embrace and preach integrity, honesty, respect, and decency would be deemed hypocritical if they can support the behavior of this president. The Republicans should be the main ones trying to disassociate themselves from this man or denounce him, stating he doesn’t represent their moral values.

Make no mistake, the impeachment hearings have been an awakening for many Americans. While the majority Republican Senate may ignore what they know is the truth, in the end, the majority of the American public will make their indictment known.

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