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Dr. Susie McClure celebrates 104th birthday

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Dr. Susie May Newsom McClure

Happy Birthday to Dr. Susie McClure! Dr. Susie May Newsom McClure who celebrated her 104th birthday December 5th with family and friends and church members.

Dr. Susie McClure, affectionately called, Ms. Susie, has had a great impact on her family, friends, her church and community by her many years of dedicated service and sharing of her wisdom. Her love for people led her to be a nurse.

She has lent her services to other area churches and across the world as a missionary, yet she remains a dedicated member of Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church where she is noted to be the oldest living member. During her tenure there, she has been a teacher, Missionary Society president, first Women’s Day speaker and Love Kitchen founder (donating $2500 to update the kitchen), just to name a few.

When asked to share her words of wisdom, she simply says: “I have learned to be slow to anger and ready to forgive. Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, and your neighbor is not just the people who live next door or in your community.”

She continues to faithfully live by the words in Psalms 84:11 as she says: “I try to treat everyone as I would like to be treated. I have learned that no good things will be withheld from me if I walk uprightly.”

With great love and admiration, her family and friends marvel at her health and her sustenance. Whenever asked, her loving niece Rebecca Hall, always says: “My aunt is doing just fine!”

Dr. McClure is truly a treasure. A biography of her life, Born To Be A Missionary, was written in 2006. The book by Virginia Edmondson “highlights the details of her dedicated service and commitment to improving the quality of life for mankind.”

As we wish Ms. McClure a happy 104th birthday, we look forward to her celebration of 105 years.

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