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Term limits should be a must

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The more we are subjected to the arrogant shenanigans of veteran politicians in Congress, the more we should demand term limits.

The current tirades from many of our high profile congressman, especially during the impeachment investigations, have shown the American public that we have too many elected officials showing themselves to be highly disrespectful, insulting bullies with no interest in the truth—even when it is dead in their faces. While these congressmen may be appealing to their respective bases, their divisive and often unsubstantiated rhetoric is for the most part misleading, insulting, and demeaning to the American public that can see and think for themselves.

Are these the examples and patterns we want our children to emulate? They are becoming desensitized to the ranting and bad behavior manifested by some of these politicians that go unchecked. Perhaps we accept this behavior (that is becoming normalized) because most of the culprits are old White men who are just part of the ‘good old boy’ network.

The average American citizen still respects the integrity of the Constitution and the pursuit of truth and justice. They find the antics of some of these high profile congressmen misleading, intimidating and appalling. The repulsive behaviors of some of these veteran politicians are nothing new. It is just made more apparent with the impeachment investigations. Not pointing fingers at any particular party, but those with eyes know these congressman are more prevalent in the Republican Party.

It appears too many politicians have become too comfortable pushing their own personal, self-serving agendas. They represent the interests of big businesses. Average, hardworking citizens don’t seem to have many elected politicians in Congress looking out for their best interests. It would be too much like right if we could put the interests of political parties aside (be it Republican, Democrat or Independent) and vote on each issue on its own merit, using as a common denominator what is in the best interests of this country—or the average American citizen.

Make no mistake, we have several veteran congressmen who have made a career serving in Congress. This could be good or bad. But what we find is that many of these congressmen have become millionaires who seem impervious to the basic needs of some of their constituents. Sometimes when your plate is full, you lack empathy, forget, or just don’t care that there are those out there suffering and in dire need, just trying daily to stay afloat.

Some of these wealthy, veteran congressmen (such as Mitch McConnell) come from states where there is a high concentration of poverty. Yet these congressmen vote to deny struggling Americans such things as universal health care, a decent living wage, and affordable housing. Adding insult to injury, you have a handful of veteran congressman catering to a racist faction. They should understand that all of us are not blind and haven’t drunk from the tainted cup of lies, deception and apathy. While there are deplorable and hate spewing politicians in the two main political parties, it is more visible and apparent in the current Republican administration.

Term limits are the only viable option to help curtail the practice that is robbing the public of beneficial and honorable public servants. As it stands now, our three branches of government are full of many elected people who have been there too long and are aiding in the inadequacies and incompetence found in our government. Some of these veteran congressmen have become so comfortable they blatantly and intentionally manifest obnoxious and disrespectful behaviors. They don’t feel they are held to any rules of conduct. They are acting as demagogues, fueling hate, divisiveness, and dissension. Public referendums should be held demanding the public sanction term limits. You cannot expect the foxes guarding the hen house to vote for term limits, which would limit their ‘good thing.’

Two terms for elected politicians would allow for the incoming of new politicians that would keep self-serving politicians from becoming career public servants who may deviate from serving the public and falling prey to the pocketbooks of big corporations and the rich. We need younger and more diversified congressional leaders with new, unadulterated ideas in Congress to unite and lead this country forward in a positive direction—mindful  of what is best for all Americans, not just a few.

Term limits should be a no brainer and the right thing to do. I mean no disrespect to those current  politicians who still adhere and gravitate toward their moral compass by putting their country first. But many would argue that you have become a minority.

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