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Discussions of substance — a dying practice?

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Maybe I am part of a dying breed, but I literally crave conversations relevant to the real issues confronting us—not superficial smokescreens masking the reality that really affects our lives. It is becoming hard to find shows on TV or media venues that honestly and realistically make you think or educate you to the real issues detrimental to our existence.

I say again and again: “We are living in a nightmare and no one is screaming.” I liken so much of our world to the movie The Matrix where you are living in a falsified world where things are far from what they appear to be, with no one the wiser about who is really running things. The truth of the matter is that we are not teaching our children to be free, critical, conscientious thinkers freely able to question what is concrete, conventional, or socially accepted practices or ideas. Those who think outside the accepted conventional box are ostracized and considered mavericks, troublemakers and rebels.

We are taught to follow rules and laws that those in control literally laugh at because they have the know-how and means to negate or beat the system. They ‘work’ the system with loopholes and White privilege. There are numerous subjects we are taught to avoid because (while they are serious and pertinent), these subjects make some people feel uncomfortable. This practice is used intentionally to continue status quo practices that disproportionately have adverse affects on certain targeted groups in our society. Being politically correct is often used as a way to censure the truth, avoiding discussion of uncomfortable issues. This keeps the truth from being exposed.

Talk shows and other venues discussing pertinent issues that may awaken us to the truth necessary for positive changes are becoming rare. When presented with aspects of the truth, a brainwashed, manipulated public often views this as boring or fake news. We are inundated with reality shows, movies, concerts, and sports as forms of entertainment and amusement. But we must be cognizant that these are devised as temporary distractions to occupy our minds, dulling our desire to pursue the truth of the ugliness and deception of how we are being controlled and manipulated like puppets by the powers to be. And even now, facts are labeled as fake news by some provocateurs working continuously to oppress the masses for  their own self-serving purposes.

Without thought provoking shows of substance allowing people with different opinions or ideologies to come to the table and respectfully share their perspectives, we are doing the public a great injustice. We are inundated with reality shows reeking with sensationalism and hype to entertain. We are gradually desensitized to real, pertinent issues affecting our lives.

There is a faithful and growing group of conscientious people in search of the truth that  (when  exposed and  accepted) can bring about much needed positive change to make this a better world. While you can’t force anyone to believe anything, you can offer them a venue where they can intelligently form their own opinions based on respectfully presented experiences, ideas and facts.

Desensitizing the public with entertainment, devoid of the truth of the iniquities surrounding them, is nothing new. But be aware it is a tactic used by those who seek to control you. Unfortunately our public education system has failed us by producing robots that generally are rewarded career-wise for being complacent. Ask no questions and go along with the program. It’s all about you. Accept the status quo, and we’ll make a place for you to fit in as long as you are quiet and don’t cause any waves.

Why do you think so many people are able to accept the gross inadequacies in our government, in our jobs, in our schools, in our communities and even in our homes? I’ll tell you why. As a society, we have been dumbed down, bamboozled, and hoodwinked subconsciously by a government in chaos. It is running amuck for the most part, and we become robotic pawns.

Why don’t we have just as many thought provoking shows discussing real pertinent issues than those peddling sensationalism and demoralizing entertainment? I only wish we had more conscious people demanding more mind provoking shows of substance, appealing to our intellect and ability to think. We need shows where we can decipher the truth for ourselves and make amends to better this country and the world. They say the truth will set you free, but only if you seek the truth. Everyone is not addicted to the dark and is honestly in pursuit of truth and enlightenment.

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