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Pleading the blood of Jesus

by PRIDE Newsdesk

I have heard the phrase from many individuals that they are “’pleading the blood of Jesus’ over their life or over the life of a loved one. Do we know what this phrase implies? When you ‘plead the blood of Jesus,’ you are coming to the Lord and declaring: “The Lord, Jesus died for my sins so that I might have a right relationship with God.”

1) You are asking Him to cleanse you or your loved one from all sin.

2) You are asking for you and the other individual be cleansed from all unrighteousness.

3) You are asking for protection from evil.

4) You are asking to be used totally for His purpose.

When you pray, it’s okay to pray the words of God and to quote the Bible back to God. One of my favorite passages to pray is found in 1 Colossians: 9-14. This prayer expresses what God wants to do in our lives. I personalize it by saying:

“Lord, I thank you for showing me everything that you want me to do and that I may have all wisdom and understandings that the spirit gives. I thank you that I may live a life that’s pleasing to you. Lord, I thank you for enabling me to do good deeds and that I will get to know you better and that your glorious power will make me patient and strong enough to endure anything that I encounter—and that I will be truly happy. I am grateful to you God for letting me have a part in what you have promised your people in the kingdom of light. Thank you for rescuing me from the dark powers of Satan and bringing me into the kingdom of your dear son. Thank you, Jesus, for forgiving my sins and for redeeming me from the curse. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Pray daily to God. Ask him for his help. Never assume that you can do things on your own. You need his guidance daily. Praise him often and thank him for who he is and for sending Jesus to rescue you and to redeem you from sin and sickness. When you pray, pray with confidence that God has already answered your request and know that you will receive what you have been believing.

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