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Join the Conversations at OZ

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Caroline Randall Williams
Don Hardin
H. Beecher Hicks III
Jens Frederiksen and Kevin Rome
Maryanne Howland
Michelle Gaskin Brown
Phyllis Hildreth

is an intimate evening of dinner and dialogue with some of Nashville’s most interesting leaders and innovators. This year’s table hosts include entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, and more, who will all lead lively conversations across a broad range of subjects and interests. Among the table hosts, including Don Hardin of Don Hardin Group, Metro Schools Director Dr. Adrienne Battle, Fisk University President Kevin Rome, mother and daughter Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams (at separate tables), Chief Operating Officer of the State of Tennessee Butch Eley, Marcia Masulla and Connie Richardson of Nashville Fashion Week, and Juliana Ospina Cano of Conexión Américas, are Nashville’s current mayor John Cooper and Nashville’s former mayor Megan Barry.

Tickets are now on sale for the most significant fundraiser of the year at OZ Arts Nashville. Tables sell out quickly — go online and view the remaining hosts and their topics and save your seat today. The event kicks off Wednesday, February 5, at 6pm at OZ Arts Nashville, located at 6172 Cockrill Bend Circle, Nashville, TN 37209. Call 615.350.7200 for info; their website is: https://www.ozartsnashville.org/.

Here is the complete list of table hosts for Conversations at OZ (Black in Bold) current at press time:

The Reverend Melissa Smith | The Princess | Terrence Brooks | Max Goldberg & Sylvia Rapoport | Bert Mathews | Maryanne Howland | Sarah Beth Myers | Dr. Adrian Jarquin-Valdivia | Juliana Ospina Cano | Tequila Johnson | Marcia Masulla & Connie Cathcart-Richardson | Dr. Adrienne Battle | Stephen Kahn, M.D. | Devin Aracena | Don Hardin | Butch Eley | H. Beecher Hicks III | Philip Krajeck | Megan Barry | McLean Johnston Barbieri | Luke Dick | Ken Levitan | Keith Meacham | John Cooper | John and Natasha Deane | Kevin D. Rome, Sr., Ph.D. & Jens Frederiksen, Ph.D. | Jeff Hopmayer | Hal Cato | Caroline Randall Williams | Big Fella | Amanda Little | Alice Randall | Adam Sansiveri | Jeni Britton Bauer | Michelle Baskin Brown | Aria Dorsey | Sarah Gavigan | Phyllis Hildreth |  Pat Sansone

And, coming soon to OZ Arts, just in time for Black History Month, is Notes of a Native Song: Stew and Heidi, for two nights, January 31 and February 1, 2020 at 8 pm each evening. The Tony and Obie Award-winning creators of Broadway hit Passing Strange reunite for their acclaimed theatrical rock concert Notes of a Native Song. Named for James Baldwin’s 1955 collection of essays on being black in America, Notes of a Native Son, the show imagines Baldwin as a rock star hero — a flawed, essential visionary who transforms how we see ourselves. Stew, Heidi, and their exceptional band The Negro Problem explore Baldwin’s power and lasting relevance, examining lingering civil rights hardships through a rapturous mix of rock, jazz, and soul. This production includes explicit language. General Admission tickets run $30-35 (*Please note that all tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.)

And mark your calendars now for the return of The Triangle by New Dialect, February 20 – 22, 2020 at 8 pm each evening. Following its stunning world premiere at OZ Arts last season, New Dialect returns with The Triangle, an outstanding work of contemporary dance helmed by acclaimed choreographer Banning Bouldin. A surrealistic combination of conceptual fashion, sculpture, and powerful imagery, this deeply personal work challenges us to re-envision limitations as opportunities to uncover new strengths. The Triangle makes its triumphant return in celebration of the company’s preparation for a US Tour through South Arts’ “Momentum” initiative. General Admission tickets run from $25 to $45.

Here’s a list of selected Conversations at OZ table hosts and their topics:

Table Topic: Donald Trump…The Chosen One

Table Host   Big Fella


Table Topic: From Recession to Boom – What’s next for economic development in Nashville?

Table Host Michelle Gaskin Brown Manager, Public Policy Amazon (SOLD OUT)


Table Topic: The Fisk Transformation – Rethinking the Future of Private Liberal Arts Universities

Table Host Kevin D. Rome, Sr., Ph.D. & Jens Frederiksen, Ph.D. Fisk University


Table Topic: Infinite Possibilities

Table Host Don Hardin, Co-Owner, Manager, Don Hardin Group


Table Topic: Dreaming is easy, XEQTEing is tough

Table Host H. Beecher Hicks III, President and CEO, National Museum of African American Music


Table Topic: Restorative Arts: Design Thinking for Just, Equitable, and Sustainable Community

Table Host Phyllis Hildreth, Vice President for Institutional Strategy and Academics, American Baptist College


Table Topic: How to Raise the Kind of Person You Would Like to Know

Table Host Maryanne Howland, Founder & CEO, Global Diversity Leadership Exchange


Table Topic: They Turned My Poems Into a Ballet – Everything I Learned About Building Alliances and Finding Intersections In a Polarized World

Table Host Caroline Randall Williams, Writer, Educator, and Performance Artist


Table Topic: Black Presence and Influence on Country Music

Table Host Alice Randall, American Author and Songwriter


Table Topic: America feel my fire- I’m just too much woman for you. A conversation on business, politics, femininity, activism and undeniable magic

Table Host Tequila Johnson, Co-Founder of the Equity Alliance, State Director for Steyer for President 2020


Table Topic: It Takes All of Us: The Future of Metro Nashville Public Schools

Table Host Dr. Adrienne Battle, Interim Director, Metro Nashville Public Schools (SOLD OUT)


Table Topic: TBD

Table Host Terrence Brooks, Head of Sales, Google Fiber (SOLD OUT)

Additional Conversations at OZ 2020 table topics:

Table Topic: HEMP, beyond just CBD.

Table Topic: Changing Face of Design in an Instagram World

Table Topic: A Frank Conversation about Community: Shame & Guilt in the Addiction/Opioid Crisis

Table Topic: What Does It Mean to Be an Immigrant in Nashville in 2020; Investing in Our Future by Acting Locally

Table Topic: Economic Diversity – How Nashville Thrives

Table Topic: Finding Vocation

Table Topic: Civic Engagement: Why Does Tennessee Rank So Poorly on Voter Registration & Voter Turn Out?

Table Topic: Philosophy and Songwriting

Table Topic: The Future of Nashville Transportation

Table Topic: Can Government Really Operate Like a Business?

Table Topic: The Parallels Between Japan and Middle Tennessee

Table Topic: Infinite Possibilities

Table Topic: Restorative Arts: Design Thinking for Just, Equitable, and Sustainable Community

Table Topic: The Hidden Secrets of the Bourbon Industry

Table Topic: Professional Burnout

Table Topic: Rethinking Impactful Philanthropy in a Dynamic world

Table Topic: Highlights, Lowlights and Quirky Stories from My Experience in the Music Industry

Table Topic: The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World

Table Topic: 10 Years of Nashville Fashion

Table Topic: A Career Path Doesn’t Have to Be a Straight Line

Table Topic: Sex Trafficking

Table Topic: My Life and Drag

Table Topic: My Mom is still waiting for me to get a real job, the story of Strategic Hospitality

Table Topic: Investing in the Arts: Where commerce and art meet

Table Topic: Spirituality Is Not an App You Can Download

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