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Nashville’s outpouring of love

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

In a time when it seems easier to acknowledge the social ills and divisiveness occurring in so many of our communities, it is refreshing and enlightening to know that love and compassion are not sleeping or are not lost virtues in our society. That is why the horrendous tornadoes that ravished a great part of Nashville and parts of Central Tennessee awakened the community’s capacity to love, give and sacrifice unselfishly and unconditionally.

While we are still grieving the loss of several lives and keeping their families in our thoughts, we are fighting and working past the disaster to make a collaborative effort to aid and comfort the devastated   families affected by the unforgiving tornadoes that have upturned the lives of so many. There is no shortage of volunteers willing to work in any capacity to help the tornado victims.

Tennesseans have been the epitome of empathy, rising to the occasion to do whatever is necessary to allay the families affected. Families that have lost everything and whose lives are in an upheaval are uplifted and comforted in the warm embrace and action of fellow citizens—especially strangers, reaching out in love, to ease their hurt and pain, resurrecting the hope and promise of rebuilding what was lost. We are referring to neighbors, friends, and strangers arriving in the early morning after the tornadoes to help clear streets and clean up debris, offering food and clothing, and temporary living accommodations. This is unrelenting help there for the long haul. It should also be noted without question, Nashville’s ‘first responders’ are the best.

The outpouring of labor and contributions of clothing, food, and monetary support from restaurants, businesses, and Nashvillians and other Tennesseans is overwhelming. It is a reminder that regardless of race, religion, gender, political preference or economic status, our capacity to love overrides our differences. When all is said and done, we see ourselves as one family.

We all are bound together in love for one another.  We call it a family, and when a family is in need, we rise to the occasion. That concept is not merely rhetoric. It is physically being manifested in the actions of a city and state. Make no mistake, we have many things that may polarize us. But we do not hesitate to put our differences aside when it comes to a disaster. We react as a loving family.

It is beautiful and heartfelt to see a sermon in action. Nashville has always responded accordingly. Communities coming together to support and aid those affected by disasters is nothing new, but nonetheless it is inspiring to see it in action.

The love, prayers and concern from loved ones and others from out of state checking on loved ones and friends in Nashville and surrounding counties have been overwhelming and appreciated. It lets us know how much we are loved. We as a city and state are being lifted in prayer by a nation. That helps ease the stress, anxiety, hurt associated with the aftermath of such disasters.

We are reminded of how great it is to be alive and how thankful we are for having the love of so many people. Materialistic things can be replaced.  While parts of Germantown, East Nashville, and North Nashville as well as other areas, may be in rumbles. But it is only temporary. We as communities are resilient and will persevere, resulting in a bigger and greater city.

Our government can learn from its citizens to do whatever is necessary to assist in the needs of anyone in dire distress. Remember the universal truth that we all are connected. When one person hurts, we all hurt. I love me some Nashville.

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