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Martin’s Chicken & Waffles expands from food truck

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Aretha Martin

Martin’s Chicken & Waffles is not only a minority-owned business, but a woman-owned business as well. As the nation celebrates women in the month of March, it is always a proud moment to celebrate local businesses and local women.

Aretha Martin took a leap of faith when she decided she wanted to do that which was always in her heart—cooking.

In the fall of 2017 Aretha’s husband, Mozelle Martin said: “We’re opening a food truck. It is something my wife has always wanted to do, her dream, her vision,” he said.

After taking advantage of an opportunity to purchase a truck, all of the preparations were made for operating a food truck in the city of Nashville, with the intention of servicing the need for ‘hot.’ The food truck opened under the name of Martin’s Chicken & Waffles. They originally considered the name Martin’s Chicken & Fish “because I make a good fish,” said Aretha.

The truck was stationed on a lot in Goodlettsville, Tenn., and the residents of the area were very supportive of the new presence. The specialty was chicken tenders placed on top of a waffle, the cheesy bowl, hot wings and whiting fish. However, there were several other tasty menu items.

“The truck has been a blessing,” said Mozelle, known as ‘Mo.’ After only a few months in their stationary location, they were asked to cater and to also participate in several summer festivals.

With the food truck in such demand, Aretha took her leap of faith and left her full-time job to work her business as the owner and operator of Martin’s Chicken & Waffles. With the expansion of the business, with her husband working right along by her side, the business is also building a brand of family support, teaching and giving the young members of their family a lesson through this opportunity to work. Their children, Amaria, Shawn, Jerel and Montez work along with other cousins and family members. They are being taught work ethics, along with all facets of earning, saving and utilizing money. Mo is also teaching them to obtain banking accounts.

Shortly, after participating in several outdoor festivals, the opportunity arose to secure their current stationary spot in the food court of Rivergate Mall. But although, it is located in a food court, the Martins will come out and check on their customers’ needs and question their satisfaction.

On the menu are items such as, Nashville Hot Deep-Fried Burger. They still want to cater to the desire of clients who love ‘Nashville Hot.’

“The Nashville Hot Deep-Fried Burger is an explosion in your mouth,” Aretha proudly said. She also says that the deep-fried burger is not to be dressed with lettuce, mayo, mustard and all of the fixings because you can lose the flavor of the burger.  Alongside the burgers are other dishes, such as Aretha’s delicious fish sandwich.

Mo is always aware and concerned about customer satisfaction. “We have good food with great customer service,” he said. “North of the city, you’ll find a hidden gem in an old familiar spot.”

When visiting this new little spot in a familiar place, you’ll find a great menu at Martin’s Chicken & Waffles, located at 1000 Rivergate Pkwy. It is inside the Rivergate Mall food court in Goodlettsville, Tenn. Visit Martin’s Chicken & Waffles Mon.-Fri., 9 am-9 pm.

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