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Transform your body by renewing your mind

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Renewal of the mind is changing your thoughts and ideas and replacing them with God’s thoughts. Renewal of the mind is not a onetime event, but it is a lifetime process. It takes commitment and dedication. When you renew your mind in Christ, it can bring about great and lasting results in your physical health, your emotional health and also in your spiritual health.

Renewal of the mind changes the way you think, what you say, and it can change how you respond to situations. Exchanging your thoughts about your healing for what God says about your healing will result in a healthy, healed body.

When we become born again, our spirits were created just like Jesus. As He is, so are we. He took away our old nature and gave us a new nature. When we allow ourselves to think and say what God says about us and our situation, our entire lives are transformed. We become more like Jesus.

It is important not to agree with your symptoms. Take notice that you do not agree with your aching body. When pain comes, tell it that it cannot live in your body because Jesus has already healed you.  You said what the word of God said. You did not deny that you had pain in your body, but you told your pain that it could not remain in your body. You exchanged your thoughts for Gods’ thoughts. If Jesus bore the pain in His body, then it is not in your body. It’s now in Jesus’ body. Keep repeating faith filled scripture and positive affirmations out loud. Speak them constantly and often. Do not go by what your body dictates or how it feels. (See the section about ‘who I am in Christ’ and say daily the section on confessions one & two. They can help you on what to say).

You have to visualize your pain on Jesus’ body. When you can see it in Jesus body, then healing will manifest in your body. As believers in Christ we are called not just to know what’s in God’s word but also to live the word, believe what the word says and to follow the instructions written in it. God says in Deuteronomy 30:19 that we are to “choose life that we and our descendants might live.”

“For God is working in you giving you the power and the desire to do what pleases Him,” Philippians 2:13.

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