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Senate Democrats call for Gov. Lee to issue statewide ‘Safer at Home’ order

by PRIDE Newsdesk

State Senators (l-r) Brenda Gilmore (District 19), Jeff Yarbro (District 21) Raumesh Akbari (District 29), Sara Kyle (District 30), and Katrina Robinson (District 33).

Senate Democrats say it’s time for a statewide safer-at-home order from Gov. Bill Lee.

In a letter sent Monday, the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus called for the governor “to implement a statewide, two-week ‘safer at home’ order.”

“The surge of coronavirus cases in our state has and will continue to put our doctors, nurses and caregivers under great strain and threatens to thrust our medical system and healthcare supply chain toward a crisis point,” the letter states. “If we want to ensure that every Tennessean who requires hospitalization has a bed and sufficiently-equipped medical professionals to treat them, we must do more to reduce the speed at which the coronavirus is spreading in our state.”

The same day, state health officials announced the coronavirus case count jumped to 615 with two confirmed deaths.

The letter also drew attention to two additional concerns shared by members of the Democratic caucus:
Ensuring access to COVID-19 treatment for Tennesseans who lack health coverage; and
Economic assistance for small business owners and workers who have no income suddenly.

But the focus on the letter was clear: “the most immediate concern must be to reduce the number of new infections.”

“Governor, we want you to be successful. We need you to be successful. The people who we represent are counting on it,” the letter states. “We implore you to move quickly with a statewide ‘safer at home’ order. Tennesseans need and deserve clear and unequivocal guidance.”

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