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Dancing with the devil

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is all too obvious for those with open eyes and a propensity for the truth that all is not well with the direction this country is heading. In fact, the posing question is what is the price we as a country will have to pay for our involvement in abandoning our basic morals and embracing the worst that our society can offer?

I don’t want to be the bearer of doom and gloom, but how far do you think we as a country can go without paying for our past and present sins? Our acceptance of corruption; the embracing and enabling of lies; the outward blatant disrespect and condemnation of others; the complicity in adhering to the greed of big corporations and the mega rich; and the disregard of our humanitarian obligation to offer help and assistance to the downtrodden in our country is not to be taken lightly. We as citizens should not be complicit in tolerating a government drowning in iniquities directed against its constituents. Now there are those fighting against these inequities to our society, but they are far too few.

We are all not desensitized to doing what we know is inherently right. We must combat the forces that are unfortunately taking advantage of our noticeable propensity to be lackadaisical and  acquiesce to the injustices surrounding us daily on a  local, state, national and international level. We are (whether you acknowledge it or not) involved in spiritual warfare, which is destined to play out—and we are losing. We talk about karma and reaping what you sow, and chickens coming home to roost. You don’t think that it applies to us as a nation?

How have we come to this, a nation supposedly built on Christian values? How can we allow our country to be in such an alarming and disintegrating array? The basically good people whom I pray represent the majority of the country have literally watched as self serving demagogues, profit hungry corporations and conniving, duplicitous politicians wreak havoc playing on the naiveté of the public. The perpetrator’s perspective is that the public as a whole will complain about things (maybe make a little noise), but eventually will get over it in time.

Even our entertainment industries flaunt shows and individuals devoid of decency, reeking in immorality. Nevertheless, the public sucks it up and can’t get enough of the indulgence. Individuals flaunt immoral pasts. They reek of immorality and indecency. There is involvement with drugs, illicit sex, dehumanization, and gangbanging. The so-called ‘stars’ are catapulted into celebratory status in many situations becoming national icons. It seems our biggest commodity is immorality where we embrace and encourage the worst in people for entertainment purposes—whether it is in sports, the news media, or TV and movie venues.

Making some noise that eventually fizzles to nothing in time, to returning to business as usual is how we as a public are being duped. But the saddest part is that good people along with the bad will suffer with the impending, draconian retribution that our country is apt to suffer because of our nation’s ‘dance with the devil.’ At this point, we can only pray that God will have mercy on us when considering our willing participation in our spiraling fall from grace and our  refusal to put him first before man. What good people can do is put their prayers into action and become the instruments for meaningful and righteous change.

Righteousness and the pursuit of justice, truth, equality, and decency are virtues that supersede religion. This rests more with spirituality. That means not only Christians but those of other major religions in this country are complicit in allowing the moral deterioration of this country. They should be held accountable. It is inevitable that the rain of retribution for our sins will fall on us all, good and bad.

Make no mistake: this country has a long history of corruption, abuse and deceitfulness against other countries as well as within. We as a whole have allowed a handful of self-serving, duplicitous and nefarious individuals and groups seeking greed, power, and control to accrue a moral, spiritual debt. We are all destined to pay eventually. Unfortunately, it rains on the good as well as the bad.

As a nation, we must begin to count our losses and rectify our wrongs. Those who claim to be Christian or spiritually led must not just profess the universal tenets of love and humanity for their fellow man—but to practice it. That means calling public officials out who are guilty of malfeasance. Emphasis must be directed toward putting what’s good for all ahead of individuals or entities seeking power,  greed, materialism and uncompromising control. We must adamantly adhere to egalitarianism and commit to humanitarian efforts of helping those less fortunate. We must demand and hold the entertainment and sport industries responsible for upholding a degree of decency and morality to what they feed the public. But it is imperative that we follow the inherent innate part within us all that directs us to do what is undeniably right.

Our country’s involvement in clandestine endeavors against other countries for profit and gain for self-serving entities must be questioned and halted and the offending people held accountable. Make no mistake, but the United States is not as innocent and humanitarian in nature as the public would like to believe. The world as a whole is guilty in being led down a hell driven rabbit hole by unscrupulous leaders and governments with the acquiescence of the masses inundated with manufactured smokescreens. But I am addressing the role of this country in its personal ‘dance with the devil.’

We must condemn racism and those seeking to use hate as a divisive tool. We must not put any man before our omnipotent, universal God. The bottom line is that we must make the decision to follow God, not man. Our alienation from God or universal truths is leading us down the road to annihilation. Our ‘dance with the devil’ has dire consequences. It is not too late to pray for mercy and make amends for our sins as a nation and a world—hoping the consequences of our ‘dance with the devil’ is made less severe.

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