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Faith leaders hold prayer vigil for peace, unity

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Deputy Vice Mayor Brenda Haywood giving a prayer in front of the Metro Courthouse.

Mayor John Cooper was joined by community Faith leaders in front of the Historic Metro Courthouse to stand in solidarity with a prayer vigil Tuesday evening. The event was part of Tuesday’s Metro Council meeting.

“I am grateful for all the wise words that will be spoken tonight,” said Mayor Cooper at the start of the vigil. “Particularly on this site—this building, which has been a force for good and for change for so long. May it continue to be so.”

Deputy Mayor of Community Engagement Brenda Haywood led the prayer vigil.

“I am very excited for your presence this afternoon,” Haywood said. “This will be the first of many. If we keep doing things the way we’ve always done them, we will continue to get the results we’ve always gotten. Whatever we want to see changed, we must reflect that change.”

Each faith leader gave a prayer of a minute or less, praying for God to grant the city wisdom.

Rev. James Turner, pastor of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, beseeched the Lord to give us “understanding, empathy, and unity as we press on for justice.”

The vigil was concluded by the start of the Council meeting, with the calling for the invocation.

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