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Mask controversy

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is beyond incredible that in this time of Covid-19 when you have thousands of people being infected and dying that you would even have the argument about wearing masks. It is a contention by some that making wearing masks mandatory is a violation of one’s constitutional rights. Some people are still questioning the probability of catching Covid-19. Has our education system failed? We have a faction of Americans who lack the intellect to  use common sense, even questioning the advice of notable top scientists and doctors.

Noted scientists and doctors have provided a protocol to follow that will hinder the spread of this malicious virus. Wearing masks happens to be one of the most effective methods to help slow down and eventually get a hold on this virus—along with washing your hands constantly, social distancing, and isolating yourself when found positive. Nonetheless, you have a group of defiant Americans adamant in their stance that masks violate their rights, i.e., they have the right to go without a mask if they wish. Someone tell these people that it is not all about them or any specific person. It is about protecting the general population as a whole.

Unfortunately, there are a large number of  people who are asymptomatic who don’t seem to care that their refusal to adhere to suggested cautionary protocol is putting a lot of people at risk, even condemning others to a death sentence. Many of them feel they have the right or option to take their chances, regardless of the risk they may pose to others.

The masks are an inconvenience for many, but it is a small price to pay to save lives. People are going to do whatever they want, regardless of mandates by local, state, or federal authorities. But they should not be upset or surprised if they are fined or penalized because this is serious. It can’t be all about you. It is going to take a collective, unified effort to combat this pernicious beast. It seems everyone would want to do his or her part. But the truth is that you have groups frequenting bars, restaurants, beaches, and recreational parks that feel so comfortable that they honestly feel they are exceptions to the rules. If they catch the virus, so be it; they‘re willing to chance it.

There is an arrogance and entitlement about some of those refusing to wear masks. Why is it so hard for them to see that they are jeopardizing others, especially elderly people and people with preconditioned health disabilities? Does it take a close friend or someone in their immediate family dying to make them realize that this is serious? Maybe if they were to see some of the infected people suffering and gasping on ventilators, they would have a reality check, producing a change of heart.

Nobody asked for this treacherous virus, and nobody wants it. But it is here and wreaking havoc.  We can only do what we can to lessen its effect, while we wait for a vaccine. Those who are willing to take their concerns not to wear a mask to court, or cite violations of their religious rights should do an interpersonal evaluation and do some soul searching. Ironically, you are finding a lot of anti-mask supporters falling victim to the virus and in some cases dying. Normally, this should tell you something about using common sense and wise judgment.

The argument of being forced to wear a mask at church should be about God wanting you to exercise all precautions to be safe in the world. God gave you the gift to choose what is right. Common sense dictates wearing a mask. Following protocols to abate this virus is said to have become political. I would question if staying alive were political. It should be anything but political. Those who are using this virus for political gains will be dealt with in the future, but right now we should be concentrating all our energy and efforts in arresting this virus.

Make no mistake: there is a faction of people who are trying to minimize the effect of this virus to jumpstart the economy. They are desperate and may feel they are financially at their wits end. They are beyond using facts, mandates, and protocols to start an economy they feel should begin now—regardless of the outcome.

Desperate times bring about desperate measures, and some of those who feel they are about to lose everything are oblivious to reality. But can’t they see wearing masks will help facilitate bringing back the economy faster? It’s a win for all. Shame on those (for whatever reasons) who are trying to down play the effect of this virus, especially the POTUS who still refuses to lead by example and wear a mask.

The rising resurgence of Covid-19 in many places is because of people failing to adhere to suggested mandates, such as social distancing, constantly washing your hands and wearing masks.  If you are going to go out in public (especially highly populated events), you are doing yourself and those around you a grave disservice by not wearing a mask. It is not all about you.

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