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Don’t be discouraged –- wait on time

‘Cancer: My Journey In Time’
Don’t be discouraged –- wait on time

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

The world continues to turn, and time continues moving forward. From one week to the next, one day to the next, one hour to the next—we don’t know what to expect. In life, there are always uncertainties. During this unprecedented time as we suffer a medical pandemic, protesting for the social injustices of Black lives and unstable government, individual securities are also compromised. Meanwhile, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, finds himself in a personal struggle with a day-to-day health roller coaster. Currently, he is experiencing extreme fatigue since he began taking the chemo pill in lieu of chemo treatments to combat the cancer that invades his lungs.

The pill, which is expected to make him cancer free is currently taking his appetite and strength. “I can’t walk across the street to my church or water my flowers,” Fuzz said. “I can’t sing a song without getting out of breath.” He says he just wants to get back to normal.

These words sound so familiar as the country grows weary of the coronavirus pandemic that seems to continue in a chronic downward spiral. As Rev. Fuzz learns of the intended effects of his medication, he knows things will probably get worse before they get better. Patience lessens and the feelings of discouragement begin to creep in.

But the darkest time of night is just before the break of dawn. Although he was still fatigued and fighting the desire to just sleep, he did laugh before the end of our conversation. He was also excited to talk about the fact that the fundraising efforts of the Metro Nashville General Hospital Food Pharmacy exceeded its goal of $100K!

We are all admonished to know that the worst of this pandemic time will also get better. Patience is needed, along with wisdom in order to make things better. We will be encouraged when we feel the effects of change. Wear face coverings, continue to wash your hands frequently and keep socially distant from other individuals. We will see the effects and realize the change. Life may be different, yet life is ‘life.’ Don’t be discouraged. Wait on time.

While we pray for the country, continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz during his journey with cancer. This too is a goal of Rev. Fuzz—that all people continue to pray together. And he is proud that is happening.

You can also catch Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s posts on Facebook.

We will learn more next week about TSU’s ‘Rev. Enoch Fuzz TSU Legacy Fund.’

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