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Putting your faith in action to get results

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Faith in action is acting upon what you believe in order to get results. Faith is the evidence of things not seen (Hebrew 11:1). When you put your faith in action you are not just hearing the word, but you are also doing what the word says to do. When you first begin putting your faith into action, you must begin to operate on your level of faith. It takes time to develop your faith, especially if you have a medical condition.

Do not get into condemnation and try to operate on the level of someone else’s faith. If you have to take medicine, do take it, but continue to stay in the word daily until your faith develops. If you need an operation, have it—but continue to pray, speaking words over yourself. Medicine does not heal. Medicine can hold down the symptoms or keep them from getting out of control.

Do not go beyond your faith. You can get into serious trouble if you have health concerns. Pray that God will give the doctor wisdom to treat your condition. Use common sense and discipline yourself to stay in the word and confess it over your situation. It takes time, but you must believe the things you speak. The things that you say will come to pass, but you must say only what God says in His word. Act as though you have already received.

You believe what God is saying, and therefore you speak Gods’ word. Use Gods’ method of calling things into being as though they are. God used this method to create the earth. He said, “Let there be light” and light appeared (Genesis1:3). We are created in God’s image and can do as God does. Speak as God speaks and do as God does. Speak into existence the things that you need to manifest in your life. God says that if you believe and don’t doubt, you shall have what you say (Mark 11:22). You do not say what you think about your situation. You say what God says in His word about it.

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