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A plea to save the soul of this country

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

You will find that one’s political views are often indicative of their personal position or perspective often influenced from their feelings concerning social, economic, educational, or moral values. Therefore, those  voting in the next presidential election must take note of some pertinent and salient observations as well as speeches made that should have torn at their soul and  conscience—that is if, they were actually considered  human. Many would argue that one of the main objectives besides combating this Covid-19 epidemic and resurrecting the economy is to bring back respectability to this country. This can be accomplished by appealing to goodness, righteousness, and truth, working together with the desire to purge the country of the iniquities of racial hatred and inequalities so prevalent within.

There is an undercurrent national plea or to work together to eradicate the evanescent poison, vile stench of lies, and blatant oppression that many feel is being fostered by the present Administration. In the name of decency and respect for truth, justice and morality, we must unite to put our personal differences aside to  combat what we all know is a detriment to the very fabric of this country. We are referring to a morally decadent, duplicitous, inept, and insidious POTUS.

No one is forced to vote for a president and one usually picks someone they feel can help them in their status in life. But can you (in good faith) continue to support someone who has continuously shown time and time again he is incapable of telling the truth or  displaying empathy. He has established that he is a sociopath, misogynist and habitual liar who has insulted a myriad of minorities and uses racial division to maintain his base—ignoring what may be in the best interests or common good for all.

The most important thing is to do your homework, study and vote. Potential voters must understand this  upcoming election is of vital importance because of the toxic and incendiary climate permeating this country fueled by a POTUS who seems obsessed in creating a racial divide to help him get reelected at the expense of what is right for the whole country. We all know Trump is far from what we need to unite this country. Let’s hope some are wrong in extrapolating that some people’s racism supersedes doing what is in the best interests of this country, or that a good economy should override all his inexcusable flaws.

Make no mistake: this president has manifested a selfish, racist, disrespectful, and mendacious disposition that is unprecedented. Even if you think he is doing a good job in running our country, should his outrageous behavior be ignored? This is a president that has insulted  people of color and women. He has unapologetically lied to the public, used his office for self-gain, supported  racists,  and divided  the nation. Many of his top advisors and appointees have been indicted, but he claims to be oblivious to knowing about their wrongdoings. Give us a break.

Putting your political party aside, ask yourself: “Is this the kind of man we want representing our country?” Your answer should tell you a lot about the type of person you are. It should also tell you about those sycophants who make excuses for him and help sell his lies.

Truly, there have to be enough good and righteous Americans who are willing to vote to eradicate what many feel is an abomination from the highest position in the world. Isn’t this country worth fighting for? We must not become desensitized to this barbaric, intimidating, and demoralizing type of behavior by normalizing it. Let’s vote in the upcoming election and pray for redemption. Honestly, what can be worst than what we have as POTUS? You many not care for the former Vice President Joe Biden or Sen. Kamala Harris ticket, but they are our only hope for salvation. Like them or not, they are qualified, respectable, and honorable and willing to work for all the people.

We owe it to our children and their children to show that respect and decency is important in this country in being able to work together, unite, and maintain our democracy. Our young children know what is good and bad or right and wrong and are wondering why so many adults are wavering in doing what is obviously the right thing. We cannot expect the best from our children if we as adults are not willing to lead by example.

We must also rid ourselves of local, state and federal elected officials who support and identify with the same immoral, racist, and selfish mentality exhibited by the POTUS. A national purge is needed to salvage what is decent and moral in this country. We must elect officials whose allegiance is to our country not an individual. History will judge those cowards that didn’t speak out. They supported the improper and immoral actions of a psychotic president out of control.

Surly the present POTUS doesn’t represent the values of most conservative Republicans. Republicans should be united in helping to get this renegade out of office. He is belittling and defiling the values of their political party. Such is the action of the Lincoln Project, a Republican anti-Trump group supported by many top noted Republicans, including former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.

Tackling tragic events such as the Covid-19 epidemic, the ailing economy, racial unrest, plummeting unemployment, and lack of medical health insurance will need someone who can unite the public not divide them. We need to rescue empathy, compassion, trust, love, and unity. The soul of this country has been compromised, kidnapped—even lost. Let’s fight to regain it or salvage what is left.

I would think we all want an intelligent president that we can respect and honor, a leader willing to put this country first. Our country is worth saving, but we all must do our part and vote. God have mercy on us if we fail to do our part in saving this country.

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