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Dr. Lightford joins the medical team

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 8)
Dr. Lightford joins the medical team

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Having a medical condition is a complex issue. With a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Church, requires multiple experts for the best care.

Rev. Fuzz’s initial visit to Nashville General Hospital was with Dr. Rachel Thomas. As his chief attending physician, her findings indicated that he would need other tests to determine exactly what he would need for his best healthcare. Of course, this requires the inclusion of other doctors in their field of study. He is now surrounded with a crew of doctors in the study of oncology, research, primary care and even dentistry.

Each profession is unique in its respective needs in caring for a patient. Medical situations require a concerted effort between different areas of the body the patient may not realize can be affected.

Radiology is a treatment that is done with other things to consider, such as the teeth. However, prior to Fuzz receiving radiation, the oncologist conferred with Dr. James Tyus, chairman of the restorative dentistry department. The oral cavity has to be examined for any existing infections or bacteria that could cause osteoradionicrosis. (This long word, explained by Dr. Tyus is simply a need to clean any potential sight of bacteria that could get in the way of radiation to the intended area).

In preparation for his cancer radiation treatments, Dr. Tyus removed all of Rev. Fuzz’s teeth to remove all potential dangers. The teeth extractions were conducted at Meharry Dental School where Fuzz has a 40-year history with dozens of Meharry leaders including that of current Dean Gibson Johnson and longtime friend and associate, Dr. Larry Davis, founder of the Nashville PRIDE newspapers and PRIDE Publishing. Dr. Tyus said: “We will do what we can to get him through this.”

Added to the expert medical team, leading in the care of Rev. Fuzz, is longtime Nashville physician, Dr. Melvin Lightford. Dr. Lightford serves as his primary care physician and serves as a ‘guide or navigator’ through this medical process. “We go way back,” said Dr. Lightford. “He has always bounced thoughts off me and asked my opinion, and through this I will serve to whatever extent I am needed.”

Rev. Fuzz is blessed to have a team of trusted doctors and encourages all people to continue to pray and recognize the people around you in the healthcare field. A longtime associate may be one who will provide care for you sometime in your life’s journey. It’s often a bigger comfort than might be realized.

Continue to pray. Check on Rev. Enoch Fuzz through his Facebook profile and follow his journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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