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What’s important?

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’(part 9)
What’s important?

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

In this time of uncertainty, we reflect upon the things that are most important. As the year of 2020 began, everyone found themselves in a ‘new’ state-of-mind. We were all uncertain about three major issues. There was uncertainty about what would happen with the need to protest, following deaths at the hands of law enforcement officials. There was uncertainty about what would happen with the state of our nation as the president of the United States underwent the impeachment process. Then, of course, we had the announcement of a slow breakout of respiratory illnesses and even deaths—currently known to be Covid-19 as a coronavirus pandemic.

We are still uncertain about those issues. Under the instruction of national officials, most business activity ceased, including the attending of church in church buildings. Pastors were forced to maintain a ‘stay at home’ order along with everyone else.

During this unprecedented time, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Baptist Church, began an uncertain battle of his own. As he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, he began to seek answers to his personal uncertainty. As his health was in question, he seemed to know that something ‘wasn’t right’ in his body. Nevertheless, seeking medical help was not a priority until it was made a priority.

Dr. Rachel Thomas took the responsibility of ensuring that Rev. Fuzz made a visit to Nashville General Hospital. All people are encouraged to listen to their bodies and make a decision to seek answers to those things that do not feel quite right.

The uncertainties of the nation and the worldwide population have taken calculated steps to seek answers to questions of our current unsettled situation. Yet we use collective knowledge to change the situation through adjustments of trial and error—not to necessarily have things back to the way they were, but to learn to adjust.

Rev. Fuzz is in a stage of adjustment as well. However his doctor, Dr. Thomas, stated last week: “His numbers are good. He is doing okay.” He is undergoing different procedures as situations come up. There are also options of the handling of other health issues while caring for the current situation of his stage 4 cancer.

Rev. Fuzz maintains the idea that it is important that other people are recognized for their works. He also maintains that entities, such as Nashville General Hospital, are recognized for its good service to the community. He maintains that the doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are to be recognized and commended for their gifts of care and courage during this time of a pandemic. He recognizes that all people with community-driven organizations should work with others to sustain opportunities for those in need of assistance, such as the food pharmacy in General Hospital that provides healthy foods for the community.

“It is important that all people get the help they need in all areas needed,” Fuzz said. There are many organizations that were once attendees at the One Nashville meetings led by Rev. Fuzz. Their mission was explained and connected to the proper individuals. It is important that they all continue through all means of adjustments during this time.

Fuzz continues to make those connections during his illness. Feeling the need to continue this work, it is important to him that the ‘good works’ remain in progress at this perilous time. Fuzz continues to encourage people to call if they are in need of food or other necessities. Email W. Clay at <WCConnects@gmail.com> if you have a request, question or concern regarding the information on One Nashville connections and Rev. Fuzz will be notified.

And of course, Fuzz maintains that it is most important that people pray. Prayer is not only for Fuzz and his current journey through the cancer experience, but he has a desire for people to pray! “I want everybody to pray. All people should just pray,” he said.

You can check on Rev. Enoch Fuzz through his Facebook profile and follow his journey: ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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