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Unfriending Trump supporters

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

We are experiencing an extraordinary incendiary time when you have Americans citizens very passionate on the direction of the nation, especially on who they support for president of this country. While we know all elections are important, this upcoming election is being heralded by some as the most important election in the history of our country, precipitated by what some would called the precarious, egregious, and confrontational actions of the present POTUS. In the past, the political position one supported depended basically on the platform of the two major political parties, Democratic and Republican.

The position you support seems to depend on your reality or your personal preference on the direction of the country. This upcoming presidential election may be totally different because a large majority of the country is judging the character or lack of character of the POTUS as the most important factor in deciding their vote. Make no mistake, this POTUS’ behavior and actions toward targeted groups such as women (especially Black women), special needs, the military, and what some would say protesters is unwarranted as well as unacceptable. Those making excuses for him are contradicting the truth he has continuously and verbally manifested. His personal bullying, un-presidential antics, immorality, unprecedented mendacity (and what many may consider his ineptitude) has deemed him unfit to lead this country.

While we are led to believe it is about political party loyalty in supporting candidates, the truth is that credibility, morality, and integrity of the individual should not be ignored or lost. Such is the case that many see in those who are adamant and loyal supporters of the present POTUS. The pain and hurt he has rained upon certain groups is so severe it supersedes anything he may do to make superficial amends many see merely as only done for control damage. The majority of African Americans are so appalled and insulted by his blatant attacks, especially his lack of empathy for the plight of police brutality and social injustices plaguing so many Africans Americans and people of color. It is easy to extrapolate that he is attempting to criminalize the Black Lives Matter movement and its participants.

The pain, indignities, abuse and injustices disproportionately rained upon people of color have reached a fervent boiling point and must be addressed. Changes must be made and implemented. Many would argue that the immorality of this POTUS cannot be overlooked or ignored and anyone supporting him is complicit in his racist machinations. It doesn’t help that his most loyal supporters are White nationalists and blatant racists supporting White supremacy.

Many Blacks and people of color are adamant in disassociating or unfriending their White counterparts who are ardent supporters of Trump. Right or wrong, many Blacks see their White friends’ support for Trump as conveying that their White supposed friends may have racist’s tendencies or are undercover racists. The centuries of unimaginable exploitation Blacks have been subjected to and are continuously experiencing is real and is no longer going to be dismissed or trivialized by those reaping the benefits of White privilege and entitlement. Many of today’s conscientious, empathetic Whites understand and are willing to try to make good or rectify this country’s wrongs against African Americans.

While there are diversions and smokescreens making the narrative more about the differences in the views of political parties, the truth is primarily about those willingly putting an undeniably immoral man above the country. It is not so much about belonging to the Republican Party. It’s about supporting who some people consider to be the epitome of immorality and an abomination to our country. Supporting the POTUS is nothing any righteous and decent person should flaunt or take pride in or idolize. Overlooking his flaws, claiming a booming economy is an excuse and some say an exaggeration as used by many of his racist supporters.

No one is saying you shouldn’t be a Republican, but there is no way you can rationalize supporting this particular immoral president and not reflect a lack of morality and humanity. The disgust and repulsion against Trump are so strong among so many of his opponents that they are unfriending and disassociating themselves from people who they once considered as friends. This is probably more prevalent among African Americans who feel personally assaulted by the POTUS’ racist rants and divisive tactics, especially his reluctance to acknowledge the severity of police brutality and social injustice against African Americans and people of color in this country. They feel their White friend’s affinity with the president is reflective of their clandestine racist views. Like it or not, that is the mindset for more people than you realize.

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