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Donald Trump and Joe Biden square off in final debate

by PRIDE Newsdesk

(l-r) President Donald Trump and former Vice-President Joe Biden

Last night President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden faced off in the final debate at Belmont University’s Curb center.  Thursday was to be the final debate of three, but the second had to be called off due to President Trump’s coronavirus infection.

The debate was moderated by Kristen Welker of NBC news in front of a live audience required to wear masks.

Viewers called the debate, “Surprising normal”, with the two candidates discussing the coronavirus, foreign election interference, climate change and race relations.

President Donald Trump continued to defend his response to the coronavirus pandemic claiming, “We are rounding the corner.  It’s going to go away.”

The President also cited his own recovery from the virus and said, “We’re learning to live with it,” to which Biden replied, “Learning to live with it-come on….We’re dying from it.”

“Anyone responsible for that many deaths should not remain president,” said the former V.P.

In the end, both candidates were able to coherently state their case without the yelling and back and forth that marred the first debate.

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