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Universal fight to resurrect justice and compassion

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Unless you live in a bubble, you would have to acknowledge that this country and the world as a whole are in an elevating state of moral decay and despair. There is dissention, blatant corruption, and social unrest occurring in many of the major countries throughout the world. Chaos and pandemonium seem to be the constant foes reigning in too many countries. Even with the outcry of many people demanding reform, normalcy has been replaced in many places by a growing propensity by some to accept immoral, inhumane and corrupt behavior by their governing officials as the status quo.

Many governments appear to be indifferent to the cries and public unrest of its citizens to address and change policies, laws and practices contributing to draconian social injustices. This assumption is supported when you see governments turning weapons upon their constituents, killing and injuring many who are engaged in peaceful protesting and advocating for change. Many citizens throughout the world are unaware this is an ongoing occurrence in many countries. But it is being hidden, diluted or trivialized by the government-controlled media in many of these countri1es.

The length some countries will go to to maintain power and control of a handful of self-serving tyrants, privileged individuals and groups is mind-boggling. These governments or dictatorships may entertain public protests and peaceful rallies with the thought of people needing to vent. But after a while they are anticipating the protesters will get tired and momentum dissipate and die out. However, if the momentum escalates and some outside provocateurs commence looting and rioting, there is no hesitation by governing administrations to turning weapons upon these violators. In most cases, the governing regimes use their position of military action claiming to protect businesses to bring about public peace. They tactfully rationalize their actions to take the focus off the overall purpose of the protests.

Many governments adamantly show disregard for the civil rights of certain individuals or groups. But they are being held to universal condemnation. In some cases, there are sanctions placed against these countries with financial aid withheld. The United Nations has been a verbal force in condemning countries guilty of gross inhumane violations against  its citizens. Some would be quick to argue that the United Nations condemnation of the governments of these countries does little if anything to deter these countries’ practices—due to the UN’s inability to regulate and force mandatory worldwide penalties and sanctions against many of the violators. However, the UN continues to charge some of these nefarious leaders and countries with crimes against humanity.

Seriously, though, you would think there would be a universal benevolent movement by the people of the world to unite for the betterment of humanity, Perhaps there is, but it is being derailed by demonic forces. One might be quick to argue that the majority of the people of this world are kind, caring, loving and willing to help others if the situation presented itself. That is the divine inherent nature of man until learned behaviors and selfish personal choices cause some to stray some from their inherent propensity to do what is right.

Power, greed, control and the pursuit of materialistic possessions are contributing factors causing some to become indifferent and apathetic to the suffering of others. Those in a governing positions or involved in esoteric alliances sometimes work to keep the majority from enjoying the privileges and entitlements they so selfishly and freely enjoy. They resort to any means necessary to exclude others, especially the common workingman. There are no limits to the extent of manipulation that some of those in power will go to in efforts to secure cushioned positions. All morals, values, integrity and even humanitarian concerns are often discarded or thrown to the wind. Some of the machinations used to maintain power and control consist of distorting the truth or downright lying. Some participate in malicious and heinous actions, adhering to bribery and literally make a deal with the devil by selling their souls.

Probably the most obvious practice of those depriving people of their humanity is to cast dispersions of distrust to keep the masses from uniting. There is power in unity. There are too many good, compassionate people in this world not to uphold and fight for justice and dignity for all—regardless of the pending consequences they will encounter or endure.

Martin Luther King, Jr. once reminded us that the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. We, as a world, have a moral obligation to care about the well being of our brothers and sisters and do our part to make this a better world for all. It is only when we falter or give up that we all lose. We all are inherently connected and our destinies are intertwined. Compassion for all and a willingness to fight to secure justice is a universal mandate. Do your part.

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