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Families’ polarizing political views

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Some would argue that this is probably the most important and critical time in this country’s political history, especially as it relates to choosing a president. Differing political views are resulting in hostility and animosity causing some turbulence and divisiveness in some politically sensitive families with polarizing political views. This disconnect is becoming common among many wives husbands, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents and other blood relatives.

Political differences in families have always existed, but it is more toxic and separating in this upcoming presidential election. While everyone is entitled to their opinions (with the right to choose who they feel is better qualified to represent them), this present toxic environment of social unrest has probably aided in making more people highly judgmental of the choices of others.

There is a large population of Americans committed to electing representatives willing to adhere to moral ethics and values in achieving justice and equality for all Americans. The integrity and honor of their candidates supersedes everything.  Skepticism is not necessarily directed to a Republican or Democratic Party, but the political party serving at the present time is subjected to more scrutiny—especially as it relates to unsavory major figures within the parties.

If we were to address a major factor in this area of contention, we would have to address the immorality, insensitivity, and ineptitude portrayed   by the current POTUS. His actions have thrown a negative light on the Republican Party, It, for the most part, cosigns and supports everything he does in spite of the lies, disrespect and insensitivity he manifests to the American people in general. His divisive actions and decisions can only be seen as supporting his own selfish agenda. Many major members of the Republican Party seem to look the other way or make excuses for his immoral actions. This puts the POTUS above the party and what is in the best interests of all Americans. Make no mistake, this is not a personal attack on the Republican Party. Like the Democratic Party, there are some values people may or may not like—while some people are not happy with either party.

The elephants in the room are the POTUS and the sycophants making excuses for him and following him. Many young White voters are falling out with their families, especially parents quick to overlook the moral ineptitudes of certain candidates claiming loyalty to a political party regardless of decisions by its immoral, self-serving elected officials.

I guess some young people find it hard to see why some people (especially their parents) just can’t identify and denounce blatant injustices by scurrilous, immoral representatives such as our president. It seems like all the values of honesty, trust, honor and respect we were taught as youngsters been thrown out the window, They see many of our older teachers as just a bunch of hypocrites.

The issue that is being ignored is that it is not about the Republican Party so much as it is about those so willing to support what we all know is an immoral, self-serving liar.

Where is the dignity and integrity of party members who are unwilling to overlook this abomination leading us? He is not the one to be leading this country, and Democrats as well as many Republicans know it. As it stands now, he is not only polarizing the country, he is polarizing families. In the name of decency and righteousness we should not allow this POTUS to wreak havoc in our homes.

The truth that can’t be ignored is that many of our young White voters are calling out the hypocrisy, lack of morality and values of their parents. These are the same parents who taught their children that one’s integrity and moral character define a person. Yet some of these same parents are overlooking all the faults they see in some of our potential elected officials for the sake of an individual or political party. The degree of the deception and rationalization of some of their parents and relatives in supporting some of these politicians is unfathomable.

How can you preach truth, morality, and righteousness and not adhere to these values yourself? Prejudices and racist views are not often shared with young people as they are growing up. But when they become older and exposed to the truth, our youth see the truth. For the most part, their untainted moral compasses still bend toward doing what is right. Too many young people disagree and are embarrassed by their parents’ or relatives’ political stances.

Our nation should be proud of the young voters who are unperturbed. They call out and fight valiantly for equality, truth and righteousness, despite all the pessimism afloat. They are the harbingers of hope and promise for a brighter tomorrow. Vote by all means, but let your conscious be your guide. I am reminded of the mantra, “God don’t like ugly.” Do the right thing and show the young people that good prevails in the end.

(For those that claim they are voting for Trump because of the economy: see if they can take the economy to heaven with them).

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