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Ice Cube controversy

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Prior to the presidential election, Ice Cube a major rap icon and actor made a major move to help elevate and improve the social and economic conditions of Blacks in this country by appealing to the two candidates running for the office of president of the United States of America. He presented to each presidential candidate a 22-page document dubbed the ‘Contract with Black America or the Platinum Plan.’ This plan centered around police and prison reform and incorporating $500 billion into the Black community, offering interest free home loans in an effort to help bridge the wealth gap. Ice Cube’s overall objective was to help bring about social and economic change to help uplift the Black community. But he was met with a lot of negative backlash from the Black community.

Ice Cube’s overall motive or position can be considered or evaluated as an unselfish move on his part to help propel the Black community forward, something that many Blacks claim has been lacking by our two main political parties. It is not even debatable that wooing the Black vote by both Democrats and Republicans has fallen short in providing major inroads in uplifting upward mobility for marginalized people of color. The plan Ice Cube is promoting is nonpartisan, requiring support by politicians on both sides.

Perhaps Ice Cube’s major mistake was in underestimating the degree many Blacks detest and mistrust Trump based on his blatant behavior. Showcasing a president reeking of racism with a propensity to be a habitual liar, misogynist and appearing to having no moral compass is questionable. Can you not understand that association with a man who has belittled and defamed people of color to the point of refusing to acknowledge their cries for social justice might cause one to be suspicious of the motives by those wanting to talk with him publicly? They say people pick their battles, but Trump has built such a nefarious, maniacal, deplorable reputation that many deem association with him as tarnishing and polluting to one’s character and integrity.

We must be mindful that there are some people who are serious about doing what they feel is necessary for the common good, while there are also self-serving opportunists willing to be sycophants to those in power hoping to a be thrown a bone or two to advance their own agenda or position. It is my understanding that Ice Cube was nonpartisan in taking his agenda to both political sides.

It is alleged that Biden’s camp told Ice Cube to wait until after the election to present his plan while Trump amended his plan for the Black community by adopting some of the provisions of the Platinum Plan. Understanding politics, the president was going to say and do anything to increase his numbers in the Black community whether telling the truth or a lie. Ice Cube, in defense of his position, claimed that commitment to delivering on a Black agenda was paramount in helping the Black community decide which party would work best in their interests. Some people feel that Ice Cube soliciting Trump’s support may have come about from him feeling slighted and ignored by a presidential candidate who would need the Black community’s support to win. However, one must acknowledge that Ice Cube took a nonpartisan position. He was only interested to see what party was truly interested in making a big difference in the Black community.

Many young Blacks claim that we as a people have been too emotional and sensitive, not listening to or supporting some of those callous politicians with unsavory and immoral behaviors and personalities who could have possibly helped us in bettering our political, social, and economical plight. But make no mistake, we as a people have spiritually been taught to honor one’s morality, integrity, and veracity. That is something we should not have to apologize for— even though our oppressors use it against us to their advantage.

Many Blacks may say that Ice Cube used poor judgment in even associating with a POTUS whom many Americans deem as the devil. But if we are to take Ice Cube on his word, he never personally endorsed Trump. Even though Ice Cube’s actions may have caused some Blacks to refrain from voting for Biden, it fortified the need of Blacks to consider candidates promising to fulfill an agenda conducive to uplifting the Black community. It is an argument displayed by a growing number of young Black Americans that we may have to sit down with and even support some very unscrupulous and unsavory politicians to obtain what we need to increase our upward mobility in this country. They say the results outweigh the means.

Good or bad, there are some people like myself who can stand the wait if it means not compromising our souls—even for the sake of progress. On a positive note, Blacks must be more cognizant in supporting local, state and federal politicians who sincerely promote agendas improving the economic and social plight of Black communities. While the Democratic Party has been considered the better of the two evils competing for the Black vote, many Blacks would be quick to argue it is the only party that has consistently favored and helped all marginalized people. The questions that are not asked often enough include: Do we want to be consistently sustained, or given a way out to permanently better our lives? Would we need any political party if we voted on each issue on its merit—with the greatest emphasis on what is in the best interests of the American public?

I feel Ice Cube’s overall motive was commendable. But under the Trump Administration, feelings were so toxic that such communication put one under the radar. They were suspicious to say the least. Let’s hope for future changes that will cancel this alarming scenario of undue chaos, distrust, and suspicion by Blacks individually communicating with political parties—especially Black individuals or groups truly invested in what is in the best interests of the Black community. I implore Ice Cube to take his plan to our newly elected president and see where the president stands. We need to see if his plan for the Black community will be dismissed.

I personally want to thank Ice Cube for truly caring and having the fortitude and courage to try to make a difference in improving the lives for Black Americans in this country, despite the consequences arising from his execution in delivering his plan to both political parties.

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