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Admitting and accepting defeat

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

I find it frightening and alarming that as a nation we have become so divided it appears to have impaired the ability of some of us to acknowledge what should be obvious results. The presidential election is over and the POTUS refuses to concede  and  help President-elect Joe Biden’s administration make a peaceful transition—a cordial traditional practice in past administrations. But regardless of lack of participation by Trump, Biden has gone forward in naming highly qualified and diverse advisors and members to his economic team.

Trump’s allegations of voter fraud have thus far proven unsubstantiated and have been thrown out by state and federal judges both Democratic and Republican for lack of proof.

It is not surprising on the part of Trump (taking his past behavior into consideration)  not to concede or participate in a peaceful transition of power. However, it is un-American for those elected Republicans and  Trump supporters  to aid and abet him in his bogus complaints of voter fraud, which he is using as an excuse to fight to stay in office.  Facts and common sense should supersede what many are told and led to believe is fake news by Trump’s administration.

Believe what you must, but many would argue that continuous support for such a maniacal, self-serving individual borders on treasonous conduct, i.e., putting the man Trump before the basic principles of democracy—the glue and foundation that make us a great country. Looking the other way to follow what many consider a selfish tyrannical demagogue appeals to the imagination of many. This unsettling cult-like devotion to any individual goes beyond political party lines. Make no mistake, it is not about being a Republican. That is a legitimate choice you have as an American. It is about support for a man defiling moral ethics and common decency and the very principles this country claims to be built  upon.

Dismissing a person’s blatant, immoral conduct, malfeasance and habitual lying seems to be now acceptable and unimportant concerning our elected officials. We are led to ask ourselves what have we become as a nation.

Find whatever excuse you must to support or defend Trump. You may even use the once thriving economy before the pandemic—but that does not exclude him from being an abomination of a person. He is not fit to lead moral and decent people. Sometimes we are reluctantly forced to do what we know is right regardless of our arrogance, disappointment, or hurt pride.

Putting your personal feelings about Trump aside (whether good or bad), the fact remains that the majority of the nation has spoken. Like any competition, you have losers and winners. While no ones like to lose, we eagerly or reluctantly accept the outcome. Almost half of America voted and favored Trump and have a right to be disappointed at his loss. But that shouldn’t justify his supporters’ complicity in his bogus cries of “voter fraud.” They should not support his attempts to overturn some states’ decisions certifying Joe Biden as the winner.

For the sake of the country as a whole, Americans should put what is in the best interests of the country first, regardless of their own personal feelings. After getting over one’s disappointment there is a time to submit to the reality of the situation and work together for the benefit of all. As young children and adolescents, we were taught to exercise good sportsmanship and be cordial to our opponents in the time of defeat. We were taught there was nothing so distracting and unbecoming as a sore loser. I’m just questioning when is enough enough? It’s time to concede to the winner?

Trump supporters are not obligated to go down with the sinking ship, but they have a choice to get off the ship before they drown.    Take note that this is not an indictment against Republicans personally, but rather upon following an individual that appears to be the antithesis of most of the things the traditional Republican Party formerly represented. Trump’s supercilious actions following the results of the presidential election indicate he is all about himself—not the American people. He is by no means a team player.

Again, note this is not about making a choice to be a Republican. It’s about anyone choosing to support an immoral individual like Trump. It speaks volumes about an individual’s values and who they really are. I appeal to my fellow Americans who are still adamant about entertaining Trump’s absurd allegations of gross voter fraud. He claims the election was stolen from him. Forsake Trump’s rants and do what in your heart you know is right.

Admitting and accepting defeat is a natural and ever-occurring staple in this life. Kenny Rogers, the country music singer, put it so eloquently in his song ‘The Gambler’ with lyrics that resonate with me in my journey through life. It states: “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, and know when to run.” Enough said.

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