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Tennessee Action 24/7 offers local touch to legalized online sports wagers

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Tina Hodges

This past November, Tennessee quietly legalized online sports gambling under the regulation of the Tennessee Lottery Commission. Up until recently, to place a wager on a sporting event, Tennesseans had to cross state lines.  Within the first month, over 131 million was wagered, netting 2.3 million in taxes with 1.9 million of that going towards education.

Four companies were given licenses to open sports books within the state, with Tennessee Action 24/7 being the only local one, for Tennesseans, by Tennesseans.

Action 24/7 is headed by newbie Tina Hodges.  Hodges, nicknamed “The Rookie Bookie,” may be new to sports wagering, but not to Tennessee.  For years, the Hillwood High School graduate has been the Chairman and CEO of Advance Financial, a local fintech company that employs over 1000 people across multiple states.

“It’s been really fun,” said Hodges.  “We’ve been learning a lot and there’s a lot of skills that you learn just in running a business for 20 years like good business practices, compliance, and all that kind of stuff.”

Hodges says that she has been thankful for overwhelming local support.

“We have been given such a wonderful response.  As soon as people hear there’s a local live sports book they switch from where they were doing it to us.”

It helps that Action 24/7 has local, live customer service.

“We’re here, we’re locals, we’re legal, and we’re going to help you.  Our customer service is right here in the area”

Action 24/7 is different from any of its competitors because it’s local and home grown, giving customers a sense of intimacy.

“We’re the only start from scratch [sports book].  All these other companies are international hotel and casino chain type places or publicly traded companies. “

Action 24/7 is the only sports book that allows customers to make deposits and withdrawals in cash from more than 100 partner locations throughout Tennessee.

“That’s a big deal because some people don’t like to use their bank account.  They can go and load cash when they want to make a deposit, or they can withdraw cash when they win.”

With other sports books, customers have to wait to receive their winnings.

Tennessee Action 24/7 is starting listening sessions next week and invites customers to offer feedback.

“Tell us what you love, don’t love, and tell us what we can improve.”

Those who know Action 24/7’s President, know that she believes in giving back to the local community.

“For years I have been fortunate enough to serve first Governor Haslam and now Governor Lee on the Tennessee Commission on volunteerism.   I really just have a passion for giving back and being able to volunteer.   I think it’s an individual responsibility and a corporate responsibility to do so, and so as soon as we were up and operating, I decided we needed to start “

Action 247 has set up a website, action247.com/action100, where anyone in the state can go on and nominate someone in their community that they think is making a difference.

“We’ll do a digital raffle twice a month and donate $100 to their charity of choice in their hometown.”

Action 247 offers a wide variety of Sports Betting Games and provides a world class customer experience with their phone ap with links available in the Apple App Store or on their website www.action247.com for Android users (Google Play does not permit legal sports betting apps in the store).

“Tennessee Action 24/7 launched with the simple idea of creating a world-class sports book for the people of Tennessee and having a ton of fun doing it,” said Hodges. “We’re not a mega-corporation from some far-off land. We’re your neighbors.”

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