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Confronting our demons

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The nation and the world have witnessed the attempt of radical extremist Trump loyalists to overturn the decision of the people by overtaking the Capitol, hoping to block the vote of the Electoral College, confirming President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris. Play games and rationalize if you must, but this was a flagrant and  intentional insurrection to overthrow the democratic principles we as a nation are said to hold dearly. This horrific and disrespectful treasonous act cannot be taken likely and swept under the rug.

Trump who orchestrated the coup, the vigilante participants, and those on the outside who supported this madman’s lies and immoral rants are all culpable. The condemnation of once loyal Trumpites (mainly politicians) now trying to distance and denounce the actions precipitated by  Trump is only an attempt dispel collateral damage and mitigate their participation and support in this  insurrection. But adding insult to injury are elected Republicans still refusing to hold Trump accountable by not supporting his impeachment, citing that it would not help the nation heal.

That’s a bunch of crap. Where were their sentiments about healing the nation when they supported all the racist and immoral antics of  Trump by not holding him accountable? They even  make excuses for him. They may be playing crazy now, but they helped create this monster and they have played a part in stoking the national divide in this country, resulting in the insurrection at the Capitol.

Not holding Trump accountable with some harsh form of punishment is an assault on every democratic and moral patriotic value we as Americans claim to hold dear.  If Trump gets away with this treasonous act unscathed, it sets precedence for it to happen again. We will have no one to blame but ourselves.

The whole world awaits to see how we, as a nation, will deal with this blatant act of sedition—especially with our role as a major benefactor in  supporting and defending democratic principles and practices throughout the world. Respect for the United States has waned since Trump presidency, making us the laughing stock of the world. We have lost all credibility in the world as a nation in regards to morality, integrity and influence by allowing this abomination of a human being to implement his own selfish and immoral racist agenda with the support of the Republican Party.

While many of Trump’s supporters looked the other way, making it about supporting the Republican Party at all costs, it was about  compromising their morality, integrity and soul by sleeping with what many consider the devil incarnated.  Make no excuse,  it shouldn’t have been about Trump being a Democrat, Independent,  or Republican. It should have been about him being  incompetent, a racist, a habitual liar, an  opportunist, immoral and a race baiter. Those vices should have been the defining reasons to denounce and disassociate with him. More Republicans should have had the backbone to call him out instead of cosigning his madness.

We were played as a nation. We were led by spineless politicians who put their political careers above what was best for the country. Some of  these elected sycophants and hypocrites even now refuse to demand Trump’s removal, because they know his popularity among his base was built on supporting White supremacy and causing a racial divide among many groups.

We all knew what we were dealing with in Trump from the very beginning and one’s support for him (whether you were a politician or civilian) gave us a view of who you were as a person. Using party affiliation and loyalty was a sorry excuse. For many, it was just a smokescreen to hide racism and immoral actions gravitating toward White supremacy. Even if you were an elected politician  representing a predominantly Republican district, there should have been a time when everything  decent and moral in you should have spoken out  against this abomination of a human being.

Many of you supported a mendacious president ranting and raving about a fraudulent election being stolen from him, allegations that have been proven time after time to be unsubstantiated and false.  That allegation (lie) was the gasoline that fueled major public unrest among his base causing major contention, eventually leading to the attack on our National Capitol. But many of our Republican politicians knew that his allegation of the election being stolen from him was a farce. Nevertheless, they still chose to put Trump above democratic principles and what was best for the country.

Like it or not, Trump has done irreparable harm to the Republican Party as well as the Republican politicians now denouncing the insurrection at the National Capitol. Most are not seeking or demanding punishment for Trump. While the participants in the insurgency on our Capitol are being sought and jailed and incarcerated, it is ironic that some don’t seek blame or atonement for the initiator of the event. We are quick to say that no one is above the law, but it seems evident that Trump is the exception to the rule.

It is without question that those who faithfully supported Trump; refused to hold him accountable for his actions; and acquiesced are complicit in the death of those killed during this insurrection. They have blood on their hands. History will record their complicity in infamy. Until we hold people accountable or until they accept their complicity in supporting Trump, we will continue to suffer as a nation in reconciling our differences.

Healing begins by confronting the truth, however hard and difficult it may be. The demons within many of us must be identified and distinguished. There is no rationalizing or excuse for ignoring the truth. Your legacy is either on the wrong or right side of history. Let’s hope your legacy is one that your descendants can look back at with pride. In conclusion, our progress as a nation is contingent on identifying and dealing with our demons.

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