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Is it working?

Cancer: My Journey in Time
Is it working?

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“Wanda, people are scared,” said Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. “There are old people living in isolation and young people living as if they’re invincible.” This statement was made to me in reference to ‘These Days in Time’ by Rev. Fuzz.

Some 25+ weeks of his journey with a life-changing diagnosis of stage four lung cancer, Rev. Fuzz’s journey is about so much more. Over the past four years, we have heard the word ‘unprecedented’ almost every day, time and time again. We have heard the word in talk about the processes, procedures and policies in the White House and our government. We have heard the word in reference to the affairs of things that were the outcome of police situations regarding Black Lives Matter. We have heard the word as we learned about our climate and conditions concerning health during a worldwide pandemic!

In Rev. Fuzz’s life, this is an unprecedented time. It is a time when he has never known what it is like to just wake up and be still. When he was first diagnosed and found the strength to do a little exercise for the betterment of his health, he was told to take 100 steps a day. Well, he did 500 steps. As he was proud of himself and knew that this would be an exceptional feat, the doctor said: “No.” He was then told to do only 50 steps. “You should not exert yourself.”

“Wanda, do you know how hard it is to just stay in bed?” Fuzz asked me. All of this is because he is accustomed to doing so much more. It has been difficult enough to just ‘stay at home’ as instructed by the guidelines of a pandemic, let alone to stop a busy person from being busy!

When the country learned of a vaccine for COVID-19, we also learned there are rules to ensure it works. It will work for individuals; however, we still have to reach a certain percentage of individuals vaccinated to make it work overall. Everyone must follow guidelines in the efforts to make things better. “You’re blessed when you stay the course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God. You’re blessed when you follow His directions, doing your best to find him,” Psalms 119:1-8.

As a person who was in the second percentile for a match for this medication known as a chemo pill, Rev. Fuzz is confident it won’t be much longer before he gets ‘well.’ He should have an analysis by the end of the month. Just as the pandemic has to run its course, the effectiveness of Fuzz’s pill must be assessed before he receives an answer as to whether it is working. Both the pandemic and Fuzz’s current condition may be about “six months before a normal lifestyle.”

Is it working? This is an estimated guess. Stay diligent and on the course; never lose hope or faith.

Continue to pray for Rev. Enoch Fuzz. Check him on his Facebook site where you might find him singing, praising or just talking. Continue to read his journey each week, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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