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Are you living in fear or are you trusting in God? (part 1)

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Fear and worry are very common in many individuals’ lives today. There are growing concerns of fear even in the lives of not just adults but also in our children. There are concerns of safety in our homes, in our schools and also in our neighborhoods. There is not only fear from people but fear also from natural disasters. God has included many promises in His word that will protect us from the evils and fears of this world.

“Do not fear, he is our refuge,” Isaiah 41:10. God has also recorded promises in Psalm 91 about protecting us from every evil that may threaten to come against us. God himself is our refuge, for those who want to seek safety. But you have to want to and choose to seek refuge in him. He is The Almighty God who can and will protect us from all evil that’s in this world.

You must go to God often, pray to him continually for safety and protection. You must believe that God is real. Believe that He exists and believe that He rewards those who turn to Him for help. Believe that He is your fortress and your safety shield. God wants us to believe Him when He says that He will protect us from all evil, not just from some of the evils in this world.

Sometimes we do common sense things that will protect ourselves. God is pleased when we do things that are wise like eating healthy foods or going to the doctor. These things don’t always protect us. God is the only one that can protect us from whatever our problems may be.

When fear or worry try to invade our minds God reminds us in Psalm 23, that He is our shepherd, and we are His sheep and that He will protect us. Speak to that fear and command it to leave, in the name of Jesus. Say: “I have the peace of God which passes all understanding, that is guarding my heart and my mind.” When you say it, say it with authority, like you mean it and believe it!

Do not fear but trust in Jesus and what He has already accomplished for you. Everything that you need, including protection, is already available to you. Believe that everything you need has already been taken care of by God. Your healing has already been done. All of these are waiting for you to believe they are done, to receive them and to thank God for giving them to you. Confess out loud: “Lord, you are my healer, my deliverer, my provider. You are all that I need, and I receive it (say what you are in need of). Thank you for giving me the gift of healing. In Jesus name, Amen.”

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