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Are you living in fear or are you living by trusting in God? (part 2)

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Continue to live life by faith in Gods’ word. Don’t give fear a place in your life. Fear comes when you take your eyes off God and His word and start trusting in self efforts. When you fear and worry, it is saying that you are not dwelling in the shadow of the Most High God and believing in him to supply your needs.

You must choose to believe that God’s word is more real than what you are experiencing, what you are seeing or feeling. Your situation may be real, but God wants you to have faith in His word to become more of a reality than what you are experiencing in the natural world. God has given us the assurance of His word superseding the natural realm. He has given us His shield of faith that will deliver us from all arrows aimed at us (Psalm 91:5).  We can extinguish all arrows aimed at us to harm us physically, spiritually or emotionally. Take notice: you are using God’s shield of faith not yours.

When we use God’s shield of faith along with the sword of the Spirit against worry or doubt, you will be victorious. You are trusting in God to defend you and to provide for all your needs. There are many deadly diseases, sickness and natural disasters in our world. No matter what tries to come against us, God assures us that we are protected from it (Psalm 91:5-7). He tells us not to be afraid of them, for they will not approach us. These natural disasters are not from God. He tells us in Psalm 91 to run to His shelter (Him). When God created us, He made it His responsibility to care for us and to meet all our needs.

When God makes a promise, he is faithful to fulfill what he has promised. There is no secret to receiving from God. We can receive anything that God has provided through Jesus’ death. If you can find where it’s offered in the Bible, you can have it (Psalm 107:20). He sent his word and healed them. God offers his promises and protections to us before we have need of them. He has already provided (healing, protection, deliverance, redemption from sin, peace, salvation, etc.). Receive what has already been provided for you through Christ Jesus.

God can and does work miracles when we trust in Him and His word. Whatever you are facing today, there is relief and protection. Relief can be found in Him. Christ has already redeemed you from all adversities and curses (Galatians 3:13). You are covered and protected by the blood of Jesus and all of your needs are already met through Him. All you have to do is to reach out and receive them in Jesus Name and thank Him for the gift.

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