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Republicans in Congress choose to be blind

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Many people in the nation and the world looked in disbelief and sadness February 13 as former President Donald Trump was acquitted of charges of his involvement in promoting an insurrection to discredit the findings of the Electoral College concerning the results of the 2020 Presidential Election. Congress voted 57/43, with the Republicans as a whole refusing to do what was morally and ethically right. They excused the former president of consequences for what everyone knows was a treasonous act.

A great disservice was done to democratic principles and the virtues of truth and justice that this country so fervently adheres to in its rhetoric. A Pandora’s box has been opened, normalizing the practice of lies and deception by politicians making a mockery of public trust in the future. A precedent has been set whereby we have loopholes and practices being accepted contrary to the rule of law.

Some diehard Trumpites may have celebrated, but it is a sad time in our country’s history and Trump’s acquittal was a porphyritic victory—a sad victory that defiles the respect and trust that most American citizens and people in the world have for this country. The U.S.A. is a country which now has the audacity to claim to be the greatest advocate of democratic principles for free countries throughout the world, when it obviously is not such a standard bearer. Note that we, as a nation, are seen more as hypocrites than leaders to be honored and emulated.

We all know the truth leading up to the insurrection on the Capitol, unless you choose to be blind and imperious to what we know are the facts.  The shameless coward Republicans in the Senate choose to ignore their conscience and the facts, choosing to cater to their political party contrary to what was in the best interests of justice, truth, and the country. They have etched their place in history as supporters of the dismantling of democratic principles. All their denials and rationalizations will stand futile in the halls of time.

It shouldn’t have been about a political party whether Democratic, Republican or Independent. It should have been about one immoral, self serving man’s blatant disregard for the Constitution which sets up how this nation is to be governed. Many people knew what the outcome would be on evicting the former president charged with impeachment when the majority of Republicans in Congress appeared to have made up their minds before the impeachment trial. They were impervious to any truth or facts that might have been presented. But the bulk of Americans still prayed and hoped for justice to prevail when the truth was presented.

A mockery was made of truth, justice, and morality by the Republican defense. They sold what we all knew was snake oil to some diehard Trump supporters and opportunists. Isn’t it ironic when you have Republicans in a democratic, majority Congress now accusing the Democrats of partisan politics and lack of working on unity? When the Republicans were in the majority, they showed an arrogant and blatant disregard for bipartisan policies and legislation. They made no qualms in stating and showing others that they were in control and literally snubbed their Democratic counterparts, caring less about bipartisan support on anything short of promoting their own agenda.

We must try to go forward, but little progress can be made if we ignore the truth. We should hold these Republicans complicit in supporting the actions of a traitorous, out of control former president—giving him a get-out-of-jail-free card. It is the consensus of many Americans that Congress, the Constitution, and the country as a whole have failed us. They feel we have been sold a rhetorical illusion of democracy. Defending the Constitution is seen as a dream that those in power use literally as a ploy or diversion to distract us while they wreak havoc. This recent, defiant act of putting their own self interests above the common good of the people has served as an awake up call for many Americans—and no doubt it’s a dividing tool making it impossible not to redefine the future of the Republican Party.

Shame on the Republicans in Congress for denigrating all the values and truths we were taught as citizens to honor and uphold. Their contributions to the moral decay and normalization of lies and deceit will forever be recorded in the journals of time. However, if any good can come out of this attack on democracy, it is admiration and respect for the seven Republicans in the Senate who will forever receive kudos for their vote against their own party. They put their conscience first and sought justice for the American people.

Republicans supporting Trump’s acquittal should be the last ones in an argument about lack of bipartisan support and working to bring about unity for this country after they have shown their true colors.

Christian values of morality, truth and integrity must no longer be the subscribing virtues once proudly defended and proclaimed by the Republican Party.

I can only pray that the Republicans in the Senate realize the damage they have done to this country in their pursuit to satisfy their own selfish agendas. Acquitting a president for his role in staging an insurrection against Congress, with no consequences, only serves to promote this behavior in the future.

I have refrained from mentioning names in this article because we all know who the guilty are and the roles they played in this travesty of injustice. Time will only highlight their complicity in corroding our democratic principles. Let’s pray for healing for this country.

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