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Hip Hop Hall of Fame Café & Hip Hop Museum Gallery open in New York

by PRIDE Newsdesk

The HHHOF is presently in the process of venue architectural, and cafe/exhibits design. Build out construction will then take 4-6 months to open post-COVID vaccine. (photo courtesy of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame)

NEW YORK (Business Wire) — The Hip Hop Hall of Fame will open its flagship Hip Hop Hall of Fame Café & Hip-Hop Museum Gallery in Harlem, NYC in 2021 post-COVID vaccine. The Official ‘Hip Hop Cafe’ hopes to serve as an inspirational and valuable partner in the Restaurant, Retail, Arts, Entertainment, and Small Business economic recovery, creating jobs, and revitalization of Harlem and New York City in association with our decade long partnership with the Annual Harlem Week Celebration and Harlem Hip Hop Festival with the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce.

The co-branded themed Café’ is the hip-hop version of the Hard Rock Café and Madame Tussaud’s. The venue includes the Café, Sports Bar, Concert Lounge featuring Live Events, Retail Gift Store, Museum Gallery, and Educational STEAM programs for youth cultivating job-training, and career preparation. The menu will honor past and present Hip-Hop Legends & Icons and celebrities as we celebrate their legacies with memorabilia and interactive exhibits.

The Gallery will open with a themed ‘Hip Hop Activism & Black Lives Matter’ Visual Arts and Music Exhibition that will engage visitors with a series of impactful presentations on hip-hop music and culture artists, celebrities, athletes, and activists who have been at the forefront of the new Civil Rights and Community Socio-Economic Empowerment movement. The Gallery will feature other Hip-Hop History Interactive exhibits and collections.

The Hip Hop Education programs will feature ‘Culinary Chef, Hospitality, and TV/Film Production’ training programs to accelerate our push for diversity and inclusion in the restaurant, retail, and multi-media entertainment industries in-conjunction with our NYC Schools Arts and Media programming with our Thrive Collective partners.

The main Official Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum & Hotel Mega-Entertainment Complex development project in Manhattan, NYC is making steady progress and is on track to break ground with site demolition later this year to open in Manhattan in 2023. The private stock offering IPO fund will provide a ‘co-ownership’ opportunity for private investors, fans, artists, celebrities, athletes, executives, and Wall Street firms to buy ‘equity stock’ in this historical real estate development project that will be ‘owned and operated’ by hip hop culture with our partners.

This historical project can become a galvanizing force of unity across all economic, educational, religious, and geographical barriers to unify our multi-generational audiences nationally and internationally to accelerate growth and opportunities in America growing with the protest stages to an actionable community ‘socio-economic empowerment and ownership’ stage leading by example by “owning our development project.”

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame is a Chartered Non-Profit organization whose mission is to preserve, promote and showcase the past, present and future of hip-hop music and cultural arts, founded by Sir J.T. Thompson, the creator and executive producer of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show that premiered on BET Network in the 1990s.

For information, follow the Hip Hop Hall of Fame on the website at <hiphophof.org>; Twitter @HipHopHoF; Facebook @HipHopHallofFame; and Instagram @OfficialHipHopHoF.

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