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Metro Governments complicit in destruction of last true Black Suburban Communities

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Councilman Jonathan Hall (District 1)

Twenty years of data proves Metro has intentionally red lined Bordeaux and its rural neighborhoods.

Bordeaux, in particular, has a history of battling with Waste Management over expanding the only landfill in Metro Nashville and the quick, intentional closing of Bordeaux Long-term Care and the missing $3.2 million allocated for the rest of the year—not to mention the 200 plus COVID vaccinations that should have gone to residents and employees.

There has been ‘zero effort’ to educate about COVID, test for COVID or vaccinate for COVID in the highest fatality rate area and most chronically ill area of the entire city.

All of this is on top of yet another Capital Spending Plan that does nothing to improve some of the worst infrastructure in the city. Meanwhile, the Planning Dept. and yet another Administration spurs growth all over the city by investing in and participating in infrastructure improvements and subsidizing developers’ efforts everywhere—except the largest land mass in Davidson Co. $30 million goes for River North to create a community, but nothing for existing Black neighborhoods like Bordeaux?

Instead, we get outdated land use policies, zoning and a different criteria for developers wanting to build 6-12 minutes from downtown with thousands of undeveloped acres on the river and every Interstate access point.

Metro is lying to communities and closing schools to consolidate Black students that are disproportionately impacted by COVID into packed classrooms.

What was once called the Gold Coast is now become a semi wasteland trending in the wrong direction with no place for seniors/boomers who have struggled in the area over a lifetime.

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