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Creating an environment for healing

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Creating the right environment is important if you want to heal your body. There are many great examples of stories in the Bible that demonstrate this. You must make the effort to create your environment by yourself. The story about the lady with the issue of blood found in Matthew 9:20-22, Mark 5:25-34 and also in Luke 8:43-48 contains some examples of elements that are important to creating the right environment.

The lady with the blood issues demonstrates how persistence will get results. She was determined to get relief from her ailment. She initiated her point of contact concerning how she would receive her healing. Like this lady, you also have to initiate your own point of contact concerning how you want to rid yourself of what is causing your concerns.

The example of this lady demonstrates how determined she was to be healed. She also demonstrated that she was not going to allow others to stop her from receiving her healing. She was convinced that her healing was in Jesus. You too must also be convinced that your healing can also be found in Jesus. The following are important points to consider for getting rid of unwanted ailments in your life.

1) You must believe and be convinced that healing or relief is available.

2) You have to have a renewed mind. Change how you see things or what you believe.

3) You have to be willing to change your environment if necessary.

4) You have to rid your mind of doubt and unbelief (see the story of Jairus’ daughter being raised from death to life in Luke 8:41-42,49-50 and Mark 5:25-34). Jairus did not believe the report from someone that his daughter had died. He believed Jesus when Jesus told him to believe. Take careful notice of what Jesus did when they finally arrived at Jairus’ home. People were laughing, but he put all of them out. They were doubters and unbelievers. Pay close attention to who he took in with him to see the child. They included only believers who believed she was not dead but merely asleep.

5) Do not surround yourself with negative individuals.

6) Know and believe that God is a healer and that He has already provided healing.

7) Do not live in the realm of your senses, e.g., merely how your body may feel, or what the x-ray or lab results may say.

8) If you have sin or unhealthy lifestyles, get rid of them.

9) It’s important to make Jesus the Lord of your life. If you have already, it’s good to renew or re-dedicate your life to him.

You have to be determined that God is your ultimate source. Your healing will manifest if you will just be determined like the lady with the issue of bleeding. Meditating on scriptures is also important. Believing what you read in the word is also a key component to receiving healing. As you meditate on Gods’ word, your faith will increase. It will get stronger and stronger and manifestation will come. I personally did all the above and received my healing.

Meditating and reading how Jesus administered healing years ago is also a great faith builder. Reading examples of how others received their healing will help strengthen your faith. Study and ponder how the individuals received their breakthrough. Sometimes when you are meditating, fear will come into your thoughts. But you have to rebuke that fear by saying: “Fear, be gone in the name of Jesus. God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind” (2 Timothy 1:7).

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