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Rededicating ourselves to common decency

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It seems at times the world is spiraling down a dark and dreary abyss of no return, and we (as observers) are aiding in our own pending demise. Too often we refuse to fight diligently and ardently for what we know are the tenets of truth, justice, fairness, equality and decency. It is not difficult to identify what we know is right and herald the voice that is inherently in us all to combat immorality and indecency. Yet too many of us are opting to acquiesce or even support the rising tide of indecency that is beleaguering our cities, states, nation and the world. This indecency can be seen in the choices we make and the people we choose to support who seem to flaunt deception, lies, indecency, immorality, racism, and divisionism as if they are virtues instead of vices to be appalled.

There seems to be a growing audience rallying for sensationalism and adulterated drama. It has come to the point where there is often little or no consequence for those in the public light regardless of whether they are politicians, athletes, entertainers, or ordinary people who desecrate what we know is morally decent and righteous.

Greed, money, power, and personal self-interest have become contributing factors aiding and blinding us in our descent to literally abolish decency. The saddest part is that with all the spiritual and divine forces within our grasp, we seem to welcome indecency. The indecency we see in the behaviors of others is apparent, but too many people seem to welcome it. They rationalize or make excuses for the immorality and indecency they harbor within themselves.

Whether out of boredom or just catering to a growing society and generation wanting what it wants without questions, we are headed for hedonism—a pleasure seeking society where anything bringing pleasure is accepted (short of killing or doing someone bodily harm). Thus, we have demagogues often peddling their wares of indecency to quench the flames of a growing self-indulgent society.

Some people are quick to blame the actions of radical and extremist liberals and/or conservatives desperate to promote their agendas. They say they are contributing agents in creating this scenario of indifference that allows indecency to fester. We have only to look around and watch so many of our politicians, athletics, rap singers, and family members mimicking behaviors reeking of indecency which is becoming an American staple.

It is ironic to claim we are basically a Christian nation as we watch and allow this parading of indecency to run rampart with little defiance from so many of our communities, homes, and families. What message are we sending to our children who are the greatest benefactors of this trend in accepting and allowing indecency to go unchecked? We must realize normalizing and becoming immune to indecency should not be an option. The moral arc of the universe is at odds with us and demands better.

It is not too late to take a moral inventory of our involvement and participation in allowing the toxic detriment of indecency to proliferate and foul our minds, bodies and souls. Surly there are enough good people willing to rally and fight to try to halt this takeover decimating our souls. We must acknowledge and identify the culprits poisoning our society and pray for repentance. We must dedicate ourselves to honoring the universal laws of truth, decency and love binding us all together. We should fight whatever negative destructive forces are seeking to divide and destroy us.   Indecency has a subtle way of infiltrating our psyche and consciously or subconsciously making us accepting of or immune to its presence. We must call out and reject the indecent actions and behaviors of others by acknowledging and using the ‘inherent goodness’ that is found within us all.

History has shown us time and time again that many great civilizations have tumbled and fallen under indecent practices and events led by unscrupulous individuals and regimes. You may not be able to change everyone, but as an individual you can do your part in committing and rededicating yourself to the love, righteousness and decency that we all were taught as innocent young children. Let’s not continue to throw decency to the wind in our quest for self-indulgence. It is leading to our demise.

Prayer, repentance, and dedication to the resurrection of decency are our only options to slow down this practice. Let’s all do our part.

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