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Trust your eyes, ears, and facts

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Just when you thought you had seen and heard everything, we are told by some Republican politicians and Trump supporters that there was no insurrection upon Congress despite what we all saw with our eyes countless times on national TV. How insulting! Give me a break! Do I look like Boo Boo the Fool? I can only pity those who are so credulous or weak minded to even consider for one moment that what they saw was a fluke. I am reminded by the phrase associated with PT Barnum: “There’s a sucker born every minute.” I find it beyond insulting that some politicians think so little about the intellect of the average American that they can say and do anything minus the facts and it will be accepted.

Be cognizant that there is a play by some unscrupulous people (especially some Republicans) to rewrite the true history of the insurrection that took place at the Capitol January 6, 1921 by attempting to create an atmosphere of disinformation dispelling the reality that took place. Their efforts show they have very little regard for the truth and the intelligence of most Americans.

The government (via our educational system) has done us a great injustice in creating robots with the inability to think for themselves, thus contributing to those willing to believe anything they hear—minus the facts. Why do you find so many people unwilling to question anything our government does, while claiming to be apolitical? It only supports what many people say about the ‘dumbing down’ of America.

Intellectual consciousness and adherence to the truth and facts are virtues being thrown out the window by those choosing to follow demagogues and trumpeters of adulterated lies. You have to ask yourself over and over again: “Isn’t anything held sacred these days?” Just recall adages you have heard from time to time like ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ or ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face.’

Those seeking power and support by ruthless leaders and groups are selling their souls to the devil, and there seems to be no shame in their game. The need for some politicians to gain the support of unscrupulous individuals and groups is paramount to their agendas. They are willing to throw caution to the wind. It is unfortunate that we have such low life politicians representing some of us, especially in Congress. But the blessing is that we know what they are about and don’t have to guess. Some would call it ‘showing your true colors.’

Supporters of the truth can see through the diaphanous rationalizing of those seeking personal selfish interest—putting their agenda above what’s in the best interests for the country as a whole. However, there is the possibility that their deception will backfire and ruin their credibility and their careers. But some of them are so pompous and grandiose they feel they have enough faithful followers oblivious to the truth that they can grandstand. We must remember many of these unscrupulous politicians are experts at gas lighting—making the victims question their own judgment or reality.

There are certain things and events that we all should be able to decipher, especially when supported with facts that are devoid of personal bias. Trump did not win the election and it has been proven over and over again that there was no evidence of voter fraud. Also, trust what you saw with your eyes: the insurrection occurring at the Capitol was real and shouldn’t be diluted.

Lies and deception seem to be at an all-time high. But all is not lost, because all haven’t drunk of the tainted punch making one oblivious to the truth and facts. While this is a sad time in our history (when we are literally normalizing immorality, lies, and overt racism), we shouldn’t count out that an omnipotent and Almighty God exists and will have the final say. It is imperative that those who trust their eyes and ears and are open to facts and truth stay vigilant and speak out and fight off the ever present rise of corrupted individuals and groups flaunting lies and untruths.

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