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“Over my dead body”

Cancer: My Journey in Time #51
“Over my dead body”

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“They have been there for over forty years! The park should be ashamed to put 80 to 100 year old seniors out of the place after forty years. Members of the Hadley Park Bridge Club range from 75 to 101 years old.  They are retired Metro school teachers, Meharry doctors, Metro nurses and others, including Ms. Helen Ross who was a federal government employee of the year, 101 year old retired physician of Meharry Medical School, member of the NAACP and devoted member of the Catholic Church.  These are some of the most outstanding members of Nashville. Somebody should be fired for treating them that way, as far as I’m concerned.”

The Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, spoke these words as he received information and a plea of help about the treatment of elderly people and their forty year old hobby as Bridge players at the Hadley Park Community Center.

It is no secret that Pastor Fuzz remains on his journey with stage four lung cancer.  While he continues with a variety of ailments related to his diagnosis, he also continues to try and correct some of the “wrong doing” that happens to everyday citizens of Nashville.  Rev. Fuzz has a limited capacity of weekly activities, due to his current health situation.  With these limitations, Fuzz continues to answer the call of individuals in need of assistance when they have been unduly mistreated for whatever reason.

The members of the Hadley Park Bridge Club have been meeting at Hadley Park multiple times each week for over 40 years.  They initially encountered a problem with the park officials in the spring of 2019.  They were instructed that the Bridge Club would no longer be allowed to meet as the park was in need of revenues and the time would be replaced with tutoring for children.  As this was unfair to the elderly members of the Bridge Club to be completely removed, they complained and took the issue up with the park officials.  At that time park officials agreed to give their time back.  However, they are currently continuing to have difficulty with the park and unable to gather for their Bridge Club meetings.

Readers may ask what this has to do with Enoch Fuzz’s journey with cancer.  There is a simple answer.  Since his journey began over a year ago, Rev. Fuzz’s main concern was that people would pray.  He wanted people to pray for his health and his strength.  He wanted people to pray for his healing. He wants people to continue to pray.  And, while the people are praying for him, he is in constant thoughts and prayers about others.  He is fully aware of his condition and looks to the miracle each day.  However, while he waits, he quietly moves through the city continuing his work as one of God’s chosen vessels.  The Rev. Enoch Fuzz expressed his concern for the treatment of this elderly Bridge Club group and the idea of them being mistreated as they are stalled with answers that were also delivered to the Mayor’s office.

The depth of Pastor Fuzz’s feelings concerning this issue was expressed by saying, “Over my dead body.”  This term, used in an expression to show just how sincere one is to a cause as one would offer the utmost of respect to a person’s dead body. Helen B. Ross reluctantly sought out the help of Rev. Fuzz because she is aware of his commitment to what is good and what is right.  She said, “I think our problem is not a priority and the delays are helpful for the park to keep us off of the premises. We don’t understand how it is acceptable for top managers in the park system can go back on a commitment.”

Pastor Fuzz expresses the need for respect for the elderly and how unjust mistreatment to a group after 40 years should be considered.

Continue to pray for the Rev. Enoch Fuzz as he is also in continuous prayer for you.  Visit his Facebook status where you will find him sharing his concern, praise in pictures, testimony and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey,. Cancer:  My Journey in Time

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