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Faith of A Mustard Seed

by Barbara Woods-Washington

Barbara Woods Washington

Barbara Woods-Washington, M. Div.

Facebook is “indescribable” in it’s multi-multifaceted use by more persons in the universe than even Facebook can count.  To be sure the ‘Deceased Faces’ that only God can count, remain as a ‘Living Legacy’ to ‘Friends Gone on’; most of which remain in my view in remembrance:  Rev. E. Bernard Campbell, Paulette James, Rev. Clyde Anderson, Rebecca Howard Brown, Gaye King and Nicole Daines Gibeaut an Activist and Writer who mailed me copies of 4 of her Books; a woman that I shall never forget as we always hoped to meet “Face to Face”.

I speak to the ‘Chameleon’ nature of “The Book”.  Most known about the Chameleon is it’s ability to ‘change it’s color’.  Camouflage.  War going on.  Yep.  That’s Facebook alright.  And then the Chameleon is a climber among the most ancient species of the earth.  It’s feet is neither zygodactyl nor didactyl; but it’s own peculiar nature that gives rise to a swiftness in movement: ‘now you see it, NOW You… Don’t’!  It’s ‘stereoscopic vision’ gives it the ability to see in… 3D!  Like no other species their eyes function independently of each other giving 360 degree vision! But the Tongue… 1 to 1-1/2 times their body length!  And extended with such swiftness that you can become ‘Food’ before ever knowing!

I was backing up my iPad and came across these 2015 dialogues from “The Book”.

This one: “I don’t have the need to follow the course of other’s thoughts in my response.  I have made it my purpose to “see your point”, most especially when I meet persons of integrity who are struggling to make sense of this very chaotic world which we have now inherited as I do.  Your point informs me on knowledge that relates to areas of life relative to your reality.  And then, each of our “realities” are so very different.  The struggles of my family with the American Justice system and it’s MASS INCARCERATION; to include ‘Murder By Police’… along with some very true mis-carriages of American Justice.  Me?  I personally am still working through the AMERICAN WHITE FATHERS who would “legalize their right” to go in and out of African, born American Women’s Wombs (who they “stole” from their Father’s home); DEPOSITING SEEDS, giving birth to generations of sons and daughters who they NOW HATE and SEEK TO ANNIHILATE.  Whose ‘Paternity’ and ‘Inheritance’ are yet unseen.”  I’m exhaling now…

Then this one:  “I am responding to your question of my presenting “Semitism and Racism” as Synonyms.  I think that first the word has to be put back in context!  That is very fundamental for me.  To place RACISM against ANTI-Semitism is a total and complete misconception… Which, I suspect, has led to the massive, widespread chaos and confusion surrounding these two concepts.

In my understanding, Racism AND Semitism ARE BOTH -’isms’ (a system of beliefs).  When the prefix ‘anti’ is added to EITHER It must be added to BOTH when looked at comparatively.  I then look at what the “believers DO with their system of beliefs”.  How does their system manifest itself in THEIR LIVES, first; and then, in the life of their community; their Nation; and the Universe at large. One initial observation I see, is that while “Semitists” use their “system of beliefs” for preservation and advancement, “Racists” use their “system of beliefs” for hatred and violent annihilation… in their quest for preservation and advancement.”

Then there was this Discussion on Mitch’s ‘War on Obama’:  “MITCH McConnell was born waaaaay back in the deep woods of a Segregated Alabama.  The State of Kentucky which educated and elected him, has become his MIRROR.  Louisville was just listed among the “Ten Poorest Cities in America”.  Which makes little sense considering the Tobacco and Alcohol industry of this City; coupled with the International. historically annual Horse Racing event? THE POOREST county in this nation is in Kentucky (and is White).  The county that is No 1 in Food Stamp Recipients is in Kentucky (also White).  He is what “YOU PEOPLE” call ‘Poor White Trash’.  From his early life when he first served government ‘til now, he has become a multi-Billionaire through his Life-long DEPENDENCY and use of… Government.  I am no longer concerned for his ‘RACISM’ and ‘BIGOTRY’.  I am concerned that HIS OWN PEOPLE are blind to: his “HATRED in his quest for preservation and advancement (not just for Black America) …but for his OWN PEOPLE.”

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