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Greater view—from the Book of Numbers (part 2)

Expressions of faith
Greater view—from the Book of Numbers (part 2)

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Bishop-Elect Dr. Monterey D. Lee, Sr.

“We have sinned with our fathers; we have committed iniquity, we have done wickedly,” (vs. 6).

What did the children of Israel fail to learn from the past? They repeatedly turned from the fresh examples of God’s faithfulness and forgiveness only to plunge back into sin. God must have thought “I brought you out and you go back?? I deliver you and you go back??”

Why do we do the same thing over and over again?

1) We are institutionalized in our minds, because the system has conditioned us to repeat the same cycle. It’s a condition. When you see negative patterns in your life happening far too many times, the pattern will keep repeating itself until you learn the life lesson associated with it. This will stop you from making any progress.

The children of Israel had every reason to live for God, but they chose instead to live for everything but God.

(vs. 13) The Israelites soon forgot His works and would not wait for His counsel. They would not wait for His word, plan, or His Instructions.

They lusted exceedingly in the wilderness, and tempted God in the desert.

In the wilderness, they were so intent on getting the food and water they wanted that they became blind to what God wanted.

They were more concerned about immediate physical gratification than lasting spiritual satisfaction.

1) Remember, God caused the Red Sea to dry up.

2) He led them through the depths of the wilderness.

3) He saved them from the hand of Pharaoh who hated them.

4) He redeemed them from the hand of the enemy.

5) The waters covered their enemies, and no one was left.

So ask yourself, what you want. Immediate physical gratification that is temporary, short-term, or brief—or do you want lasting spiritual satisfaction that is fulfillment, joy, enjoyment, a delight, and happiness?

What a drastic change from the children of Israel.

You were praising God, but now you’re complaining. Did they not consider that if God destroyed all their enemies, He can also provide food for them? They forgot about the power of God.

Verse 15 says God gave them their request, but sent leanness into their soul. God gave them what they asked for, even if it was not the best for them.

He gave them what they asked for, but with a wasting disease among them.

God said, “I will give you meat, you complaining people, and you shall eat a whole month—not one day, two days, five days, 10 days, or 20 days—but for a whole month until it makes you nauseating.

“You have rejected the Lord who is among you, and wept before Him: saying why did we even leave Egypt?” Numbers 11:4-20.

What do you want? Immediate physical gratification or lasting spiritual satisfaction? Do you have a greater view?

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