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Behind the masks (true identity)

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’(part 55)
Behind the masks (true identity)

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Masks. We have talked a lot about masks in the past 16+ months. Prior to 2020, a mask was thought to be a cover up to hide behind, used in a robbery to hide an identity or used during Halloween as a costume. Now masks are a suggested requirement upon entrance of nearly everywhere there are other people present, e.g.: convenience stores, banks, hotels, etc. Even the ‘bandit bandana’ variety is acceptable. Before 2020, that was a sure sign something was ‘going down.’ Those involved did not want to be identified.

The OneNashville community breakfast resumed its monthly meeting this past Saturday morning at Kingdom Café. Although he was feeling a little fatigued and his body was a little swollen from his continued journey with stage four lung cancer, Rev. Enoch Fuzz was in attendance to lead, heckle (smile) and move the meeting along.  Physical masks were worn; however, the attempt to remove the social masks of injustices in the community were the highlight of the meeting.

Robin Kimbrough Hayes made an appeal as candidate for Judge of the General Sessions, Division V with a presentation that expressed her ‘passion for justice.’ Mayor John Cooper welcomed concerns of the group and their represented communities, while Vice-Mayor Jim Shulman presented a stack of written questions, comments and concerns. He took the time to read them all and identified a matter of relevance to the office, addressing where the concerns would be placed. He even placed one comment in the mayor’s hand ‘on the spot’ and explained the importance of attending open council meetings and the best strategy for a cause to be recognized on the agenda.

“Show up with several people to speak the eight minutes,” said Schulman, “using their time constraint of two minutes each to lay out your concern in a way that can be followed by the council members—while using the entire eight minutes.”

We may not know right away the true outcome produced by this breakfast or the extent of its help to the community; however, once masks were removed, there was an opportunity to identify participants and how they pledged to be assets to the people’s needs.

“Who do they say that I am? Who do you say that I am?” These questions were asked in Matthew 16:13 and 16:15. When Simon Peter answered, Jesus blessed him and said: “This was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by My Father in heaven. I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you lose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

As stated at the beginning of this article, there are many masks that are used for different purposes. Rev. Enoch Fuzz never has to answer the question of who he is, as it was revealed a long time ago that he is one of God’s messengers blessed to connect and reveal the needs of community to and through the proper resources in order to show the true identity of those who claim to be ‘for the people.’

Continue to pray for the healing of Rev. Fuzz, the pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. He is still in need of a healing. He continues to pray for each of you as he also prays for the entire world. Visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his concerns, praise in pictures, testimony and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’ And here’s a special note of thanks for continuing to read and share this journey. May it be a blessing in your life.

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