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International Black Film Festival rescheduled for December 2-5, 2021

by PRIDE Newsdesk

Scene from 1 Chance movie.

The International Black Film Festival (IBFF) has selected new dates for 2021. This year’s festival has been rescheduled for Thursday, December 2 through Sunday, December 5. The original dates were September 30 – October 3. The festival is 16 years old in 2021, each year representing, chronicling a season full of episodic experiences that shape and transform the legacy of storytelling.

Celebrate the journey and be a part of their story. As the world gradually opens back up, we know that the art of storytelling is even more important as it sustained us through some pretty tough times. We watched more TV and movies than ever, amplified the gift of music to soothe our souls, and dedicated more time to our creative processes.

While still being cautious and mindful of the times, the 16th Annual International Black Film Festival will engage the audience with virtual and limited in-person screenings, panels, networking events, and entertainment. Think of it as a four-part series in its 16th season. Here are Season 16, Episodes 1-4:

Ep.1/Thursday, December 2 “Feels Like Freedom”

While In the grips of a twin pandemic (COVID 19 and heightened Racial Injustice), that forced global sheltering; Film, TV, Music & Technology were our refuge. They allowed us to escape and experience a freedom in the midst of a counter reality. The events in Episode 1 embody these truths. Save the date for Episode 1.

Ep.2/Friday, December 3 “Decoding the Myth”

There has been an undeniable struggle between fact and fiction when it comes to the overall potential of diverse content. Box office and streaming numbers are through the roof. Technology has allowed us to disrupt traditional models of access and opportunity and debunk these mythical barriers. A powerful Episode 2.

Ep.3/Saturday, December 4 “Limiting Belief to Limitless Potential”

Our thoughts often limit our greatest potential. With a little encouragement, hard work and access, we can turn that limiting potential into limitless belief in ourselves.

Ep.4/Sunday, December 5 “Milestones”

It’s not always perfect, however conventional or unconventional the process is to get the work done. One thing for sure is that acknowledging successes along the way keeps us motivated to keep going.

Films accepted for the 2021 International Black Film Festival 

(Title, length, type, director)

Life Ain’t like the Movies 1.30 Narrative Feature by Robert Butler

We Deserve Better 28:03 Short Doc by Keya Rice, Mariam Khan

Mr. Emancipation 1:02:03 Long Doc by Preston Chase

Not Just a Name 23:04 Short Doc by De’Onna “Tree” Young Stephens

The End of Slavery 21.00 Short Doc by Loki Mulholland

Motions 12:41 Narrative Short by Starr Nathan

The Black Disquisition 10:07 Narrative Short by Quincy G. Ledbetter

Leaving Isiolo 14:57 Narrative Short by Irungo Moto

It’s snowing in the summer 10:07 Narrative Short by Gladimir Geselin,

Out of the Dark: Raven 8:48 Short Doc by Sarah Klein,

Message Read 25:26 Narrative Short by Spencer Glover

Ten Feet Wide 15:30 Short Doc by Cameron Munson

Uprooted 1:34:31 Long Doc by Khadifa Wong

Coming Up Short 60:00 Short Doc by Queen Muhammad Ali,

Black Credit 6:13 Narrative Short by Allen Winters

Cracked 15:34 Narrative Short by Lin Que Among

Life 32:00 Narrative Short by Mirlande Amazan

House on Carter Road 9:45 Narrative Short by Shawn Gerrard

Since I Been Down 1:45:03 Long Doc by Gilda Sheppard

TRY 57:00 Narrative Feature by Megan Ebor

1 Chance 22:00 Narrative Short by Joseph Austin II

Mickey Hardaway 20:00 Narrative Short by Marcellus Cox

Dreams of Emmett Till 41:24 Narrative Short by Bobby Field

One Way Mirror 7:40 Narrative Short by Mackenzie Guguere

1 Out of 8 5:26 Short Doc by Jacqueline Kennedy

Hope in the Valley 16:06 Short Doc by Carly Sullivan

100 Years from Mississippi 60:00 Long Doc by Terabu B Kirkland

Tokyo in NYC 17:00 Narrative Short by Gabrielle Barlatier

The Little Death 18:03 Narrative Short by Justin Harrison (Memphis)

Maxine 10:41 Narrative Short by. Penny T. Hollis

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