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Not well, but…all wrapped up

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 65)
Not well, but…all wrapped up

by Wanda Clay

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“You look great.” “I’m so glad to see you out.” “It’s good to see you’re better.” “You look so good, I’m glad you made it through.” These are a few statements made to Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, when he is seen at different community activities. And yes, he has been attending several events in the past several months.

Rev. Fuzz is doing well in his journey with stage four lung cancer—doing well, yet he also has a long way to go. As he progresses in this situation, Rev. Fuzz is slowly increasing his movement throughout the city. It seems that he is doing a lot. However, he tries to get back home to actually get into bed early. He has to get into bed so that he can secure an adequate amount of rest essential to his recovery.

“I’m starting to take rest more seriously,” said Fuzz. “The doctor told me that in four years I could be cancer-free. It’s been 1.5 years.”

As he recognizes the fact that he is getting better, he has to maintain life’s activities and practice a lot of patience. He has not only been attending activities, he has also been doing a little more preaching from his pulpit on some Sunday mornings.

“I’m still pretty sick, but I’m healing,” he said. “I’m not getting worse, I’m getting better. It’s a long, rocky uphill journey but the destination is worth the difficulties.”

While Rev. Fuzz moves uphill in his journey, people make those aforementioned comments because they don’t see the difficulties. They see the destination, although it has not been reached.    Currently, one of the most difficult things for him is the need to be wrapped in bandages to manage swelling from lymphedema along with his body’s demand for rest. Learning to lay still at night when time seems to stand still is difficult. Having to go to sleep at 5 pm is difficult. The discomfort of being wrapped in bandages is difficult. There are so many other changes that remind Rev. Fuzz he is still not well. But he is not only wrapped up to keep swelling down, he continues to stay wrapped up in his ministry.

Rev. Fuzz’s ministry to his church and his community is medication for his soul. He ‘looks great’ because he continues to work for God’s Kingdom in doing what he was commanded to do for the works here on earth. “It’s good to see you,” along with the other comments, are great to hear. The comments are not incorrect and they are helpful prayers of encouragement. It is a blessing to be able to make these comments as Fuzz’s journey continues.

Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz. He continues to pray for the world and for you. Fuzz will be delivering the Sunday morning sermon ‘Where is your Faith?’ at Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. It is live-streamed at 11 am on YouTube CorinthianBaptist ChurchNashville (two words).   Visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his concerns, praise in pictures, testimony and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’ And thanks for continuing to read and share this journey. May it be a blessing in your life.

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