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Churches need to speak out

by PRIDE Newsdesk

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The world is in turmoil lead by unsavory, corrupt men and governments run amok with little or no moral condemnation or mass outrage, especially as concerns religious venues. This scenario is repeated blatantly in the United States in which many churches appear to be oblivious to what is even apparent to our children. We are openly normalizing acts of malfeasance, lies, and violence with rationalizations. Virtues are literally being herald as tools practiced by weak and unproductive people, because winning at all costs has become paramount.

The unsavory and corrupt actions permeating like the wind in our lives and communities seem to go ignored by the hierarchy in our religious institutions. The whole basis of teaching Christian congregations to adhere to the teaching of a benevolent God who forgives but abhors transgressions and acts of hate seems to be compromised. The Bible (which we are so ardently taught is the word of God) tells us not to judge, but to speak out and hold evil doers accountable.

Evidently, many churches are becoming a place to hear an inspiring uplifting speech. But when you leave, the message has no legs. For whatever reason, we are not being told to fight or overturn the flagrant injustices that befall our society.  Shameless politicians, public leaders and even some ministers are publicly lying and promoting unsubstantiated polarizing views through their rhetoric. But they are not being held accountable in their roles and are openly misleading and deceiving the public.

Acquiescing and looking the other way serves to continue our descent into the downward spiral alienating us from our relationship with an omnipotent God. But you’d better believe there are consequences we will eventually pay for in our willing complicity to follow man over God.

The reluctance or refusal of the church to speak out over the obvious violations of morality, righteousness and truth inundating our society is unacceptable and only makes one question the validity of so many of these religious institutions.  People are being taking for a ride and deceived by these religious institutions when their loyalty seems more committed to man (government) than to God.

Make no mistake, faith-based monies generated to religious institutions seems to have long strings, muzzling the mouths of many ministers or leaders of these institutions. Self-indulgence and growing acts of debauchery are being heralded and accepted as simply parts of the changing times. So-called prosperity ministries supposedly award your financial blessings to God, increasing His favor towards you.

God’s spiritual mandates seem to be inconsequential in man’s quest to do as he pleases, adding insult to injury as we try to justify our actions. All of a sudden, the Bible has become contentious and questionable as to whether it is the true ‘word of God.’ These ministers who are supposed to be the true defenders of the ‘word’ seem to be in limbo.

Truly there must be some churches or religious institutions committed to defending what is supposed to be the ‘word of God,’ ready to suffer the consequences of being true followers of Christ.  Make no mistake, there is a monumental price to pay for alienating God over man. The truth of the matter is that too many churches contrary to what they may say or teach, have forsaken God over man, finding ways to justify or rationalize worldly values over spiritual mandates heralding righteousness, truth and love.

A sincere apology to the few Christian churches who are not afraid to speak out and teach us the ‘truth’ and what it means to be a follower of Christ—not just a pew filler on any given Sunday. One has only to question this: ‘Is my church doing its part in calling out injustices that alienate us from God?’ The answer may propel you to seek another church or become the vessel to help make your church what God meant for it to be.

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