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Two simple words, “Thank You”

‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 70)
Two simple words, “Thank You”

by Wanda Clay

Stephanie Whitlow Wood receives Gold Record of recognition from OneNashville for community outreach organization, Cupid’s Transitional Care.

It’s simple. It’s polite. And it is a positive response to something said or an action taken. Two words, ‘thank you,’ can mean more than one can know.

To say ‘thank you’ is an automatic reaction (kind of like a reflex) to some people, but it is not to others. It is sometimes thought of as some of that ‘good old southern hospitality.’

When the streets are crowded and it becomes hard to get in and out to enter into traffic, sometimes a driver has to let someone ahead, or pull out or extend some type of driving courtesy. There is nothing worse than a driver not showing gratitude as consideration in an effort to be courteous. Is there no ‘thank you’ by waving a hand or a nod of the head?

During this season of Thanksgiving and Christmas, it seems that people make an added effort to be kind and courteous. However, many are still not showing gratitude after the pandemic that held people inside for so many months.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, has been inundated with thanks in reference to all of the blessings and the assistance he has given to members, friends, family and strangers prior to his journey with stage four lung cancer that began around the same time as the pandemic in 2020. People are still in awe of his recovering process that continues. He continues to give and mix and blessings that bring people together, encouraging them along the way. That’s why when people see him they might just simply nod their heads or wave their hands. Most frequently try to get next to him when he is out in order to express or acknowledge their agreement in God’s plan for his life because he might’ve played an important role in where they are today.

One of those plans for Rev. Fuzz’s life includes OneNashville. Rev. Fuzz sought a way to bring people and organizations together through Saturday morning breakfasts held once each month. On some occasions, a person or organization is recognized with a plaque in honor of their community efforts. The OneNashville breakfast for November honored Stephanie Whitlow Wood as the founder of ‘Cupid’s Transitional Care.’ This is an expression of thanks for her gift to the community. Her success is a thanks due to the advice followed as Rev. Fuzz led her to some of the right people. While this is just one story, there are many others to be noted as well.

A song that is often sung during the time of the Thanksgiving holiday season goes: “Every day is a day of Thanksgiving. God’s been so good to me. Everyday He’s blessing me. Take the time to glorify the Lord today.” As the song says, we don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving or November because every day is a day of giving thanks. Thus, those two words, ‘thank you,’ should never be said in gist or taken lightly. As ‘thank you’ is a positive response, it can also be viewed as a wish of a positive prayer.

Thank you for your prayers for Rev. Fuzz. He continues to pray for the world and for you because you are a part of his journey. Visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his concerns, praise in pictures, testimony, song and postings of his sermons. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’ Thanks for continuing to read and share this journey. May it be a blessing in your life as we also pray that your Thanksgiving Day was a blessing also.

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